6 Reasons to Stay at Treehouse Resort and Bar in Boracay



1)      Affordable Private Rooms

It’s a “shared bath” room. But you only get to share the bathroom with one other room. So I think it isn’t a big deal. The 2-area has a large and clean bathroom. There’s a common area with a sink and dresser. On the outside, you get to share an outside seating area. The room itself has night tables and a full closet. The windows open up. The bed is big and comfortable. All the while, WiFi is served to you hot and steaming. And only at P800 a night, it’s a good deal to be comfortable while being on a budget. It’s a place where you can even stay for months at a time.




2)      Even more affordable dorm beds

Down in the back, they have dorm rooms. At only P300 a night per person per bed, P200 if you stay for a few more nights extra. I haven’t been able to take a peek at it, but at the time we were there, there was only one guy staying at the dorms. He had the whole place to himself and his enjoyment of that particular situation is highly dependent on whether he watched a lot of scary movies.



3)      Restaurant right at the Front

The first thing you see about Treehouse is the restaurant area. Most people who eat there, hardly even realize that there are rooms at the back. The restaurant itself is pretty chill with Bob Marley blasting away all day, day in and day out. The food is pretty reasonable, with an emphasis on Italian dishes (they do own an Italian restaurant not more than several yards from Treehouse).



4)      Friendly Vibe

The guy, who is part-owner the place, is pretty chill and I was able to hang out with him for one sunset. I can say he’s pretty cool although he really didn’t talk much. The rest of the staff was pretty fun and easy to talk to. In terms of making requests or asking about stuff, they always tried their best in providing.



5)      Quiet Spot on the Beach

Coming from Station 2, it’s quite a walk, about 20 minutes. But if you’re coming in from the pier and plan to plop your bags down immediately, then ask the tricycle driver to drop you off at Angol, from where the tricycles drop you off, it’s only a good 5 minute walk towards the beach.



6)      The Nest

The Nest is the Best. Hangout on tiny little nest on top of the restaurant as it overlooks the beach. Lay down on the pillows and listen to some music, eat your way through the restaurant’s menu or have fun with a few drinks and a deck of cards. We spent countless (not really countless) afternoons just chilling there and the best part was, we always had the place to ourselves.

For some reason though, this place just doesn’t show up on my radar. It was maybe three times during our entire stay that we intended to go to our room and I ended up walking right past it and down next to the small store next to it before we finally realized it. You’d think we’d pick up after the first couple of times. If you’re not paying attention, you could just easily pass by the place without even noticing it.




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