So Why “The Super Tourists”?

Honestly, because the domain for another play on the word “tourist” was already taken. I’ve always fought for the right of tourists because it seems in the realm of professional “travelers” and full time wanderers, there is a lot of dirt thrown in those who go on tour groups and take trip packages. Although I do agree that there is no better way to see a country than with a slow pace, getting to see as much as you can after you’ve gone native.

However, just because a person has gone to Italy and France on a 10-day pilgrimage group tour with a private bus and pre-approved restaurants, does that mean that the trip doesn’t count? That he or she has never experienced those countries? What if people had limited time and semi-unlimited funds? What if they just didn’t want to be bothered with travel details? What if they just wanted to meet new people who they were likely to meet again back home?

“Tourists” have gotten such a bad rep lately and I believe that we are here to show you that not all tourists are mindless cattle. My Stepdad has gone to more than 90 countries and territories all over the world and only has Antarctica left out of his continent checklist. He’s combed South America twice. He’s lost count of the times he’s been to Europe. He is sick and tired of America and refuses to go with us on our trip to Australia. But almost every time, he’s gone out of the country on a group tour or a packaged trip. Would you dare tell him that he never really traveled?


Our Purpose

Other than making this our family’s online photo and travel album, we also want people to know that you travel the way you want. Do what you want, how you want, on the budget that you have and the time that you were blessed with. We’re here to share stories of our trips, review gadgets and rooms along with giving you tips and tricks that we have accumulated in our collective years of existence (it’s close to 200 years, altogether, by the way).


Who We Are

My name is Eileen. 

  • I have slept in $5 beds: here and abroad
  • I worked abroad and got the opportunity to visit the Caribbean and Europe through it
  • I have experienced traveling solo, completely by choice. 
  • I have visited Boracay 5x, never with the same group of people
  • I love Disneyland


My Mom is Ellen.

  • She has exclusively stayed in 5-Star hotels during her trip to South America
  • She has experienced talking to a rebel soldier in the island of Basilan
  • She has danced in the Sambadrome during Carnival
  • She has chugged Russian vodka in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square
  • She is convinced that the beaches of Maldives do not compare to Boracay’s (on good days)
  • She loves Disneyland


My Stepdad is Mr. M.

  • He went to South America again just to “check out what’s new”
  • He doesn’t like Singapore because when they got off a cruise there, they taxed him waaay too much for cigarettes 
  • He has ridden a hot air balloon in Kenya that was followed by a champagne breakfast
  • He has lost count of all the times he’s gone to Europe
  • He wore the same thermal underwear for more than a week when the weather in Europe was colder than expected.
  • He doesn’t like Disneyland that much


My Happy Meal is Tonie.

  • She boarded her first international flight just hours after being discharged from the hospital
  • She loves putting on her airplane seat belt and knows when she can take it off
  • She has visited 1 country/territory for every year she is alive
  • She has a collection of tiny guitars from the places she’s visited
  • She loves beaches and wants to go back to one as soon as possible
  • She loves Disneyland and prefers it over Universal Studios


ZeYaya is Sheryl

  • Her first international trip was also her first time on an airplane
  • Her first time to Boracay was on a Caticlan flight
  • She spent 7 hours applying at the Dept of Foreign Affairs for her passport
  • She buys a looooot of souvenirs
  • She can rock a tankini like no other Yaya can
  • She has never been to Disneyland but that will change in the next 365 days