Alternative Activities To Do Outside of Boracay Hotels


If you’ve checked off the usual Boracay to-do’s such as island hopping, parasailing, helmet diving as well as the 2nd and 3rd timer list that includes eating at D’Talipapa, having dinner at Crafty’s and saving a night out with Boracay Pub Crawl, then it’s time to go out of those Boracay hotels and resorts and do other activities on the island.


1)      Stay at the Treehouse Resort for a Lazy Afternoon

The food is good. The vibe is chill. The staff is friendly. The nest is awesome. There isn’t a lot that can top spending a lazy afternoon at the Treehouse nest. We did so, a few afternoons actually. And we alternated from chilling with the piped in reggae music and beers to playing cards and beers. Occasionally, we’d read a book with a beer. If we felt really special, we’d get a nice fruity cocktail instead of a beer.

There were hardly any people coming into the restaurant, which I can’t imagine to be the BEST thing for them but it was certainly awesome for us. We almost always had the nest to ourselves and that was what made it ideal. We didn’t get why they didn’t have people coming in for the food, it really isn’t half bad. I liked it.

Oh, it didn’t hurt at all that their WiFi was close to awesome incarnate. Well, 90% of the time.

Food Recos: The Sisig is awesome and good for 2 people. Their pizzas do it – hits the cheese-craving spot. The silog is an awesome solution to a hangover.








2)      Engage Your Core and Arms for a Morning of Kayaking

It’s better to do this earlier in the day. It would be awesome if you can make the arrangements the day before so you can get a-paddling as early as you want. It was supposedly 800/half day but when it was time to pony up the cash, it spiked up to 1000/half day. *shrugs*

Go from one end of White Beach to the other and immediately that’s almost 4 kilometers of paddling. Go off a little more and you will be able to discover little coves that you will have all to yourself.

If yo’ve got more to shell out, there’s a Hobie Cat for rent that’s a pedal kayak,  meaning to say you have the option to use the paddles and also it has a special mechanism that allows you to pedal your way through the waters too. But that one goes for like 1800/hour. It’ll be about a 5000-peso drop if you decide to kaya to Pucca Beach and have a quiet and short picnic on the beach. Hmmm….one can aspire, right?





3)      Get on a Paraw for a 4-Hour long Leisurely Cruise


I’m not talking about that hurried and traffic-infested sunset cruise on a Paraw that lasts barely an hour. I’m talking about a whole morning spent on the nylon netting of a Paraw. We mean business baby, like 3 or 4 solid hours of just lazying around, with or without alcohol- ‘with’ is preferred, stopping for a quick dip in the cool water and some snorkeling to boot. 

It’s a little hardcore for those who prefer to stay out of the sun because there really is no way you can get out of the sun’s powerful rays. Needless to say, we both got our worst burns during this little excursion.

We did our little trip on a whim. Like, we were on plastic lounge chairs one minute and 5 minutes later, we found ourselves taking off for a morning of sailing topped off with a lunch at Pucca Beach.

Personally, I’d never pay for more than 500/hour – but this is, owner-of-the-boat prices. But if it goes by a middleman, 600/hour isn’t so bad at all. And if you don’t have a snorkel set on you and chances are you don’t, it’s going to be another 100 per set. Hey, they gotta make a living, don’t they?

Please remember your sunscreen. We didn’t. 




Now that you have a shortlist of other things to do in Boracay, go ahead and take in the slower-paced life on the island and pass on the usual activities on the island. Relax, chill and  subscribe to the true island feel of the place. 


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