Boracay, Philippines: A One Night Stand with Queen’s Resort

Having a one night stand is not common for us, hotel/resort hopping really wasn’t our style but we couldn’t get that first night in another *cheaper* resort.

I found Queen’s Resort online via Agoda. Even in December, rooms ballparked to about P2,000 a night, which is around $50. So imagine that rates will go down on non-peak months, which hardly ever exist in Boracay anyway.

To be perfectly honest, it was pretty uneventful. We spent a total of 8 hours inside our room, which included our sleep. And even ZeYaya has nothing good nor bad to say about our stay. It was a room. Period. Don’t you just hate it when it’s like that? When your stay at a place just seems to dot your very existence and make no kind of impact at all? Then again, we were just after something “OK” to stay at, which was also a cheap room in Boracay.


She managed to spill half this drink on herself 3 seconds after this photo




  • Breakfast Included – And I was pretty satisfied with the selection and offering
  • Beach front – Although *that* frontage is actually a tout hot spot. So you can’t just run directly outside and spread your blanket on the sand. It’s a major hang out for island “hoping” callers and then also a meeting spot for said tours.
  • Room Inclusions – Decent air conditioning, WiFi (at the lobby but our room was close enough to the front desk that we could get a signal in our room), little cafe at front, right next to a convenience store. , that tiny little thing that you use for drying clothes
  • Pros – Location is right at the beach. I like that it’s very close to Angol Point, which is my favorite part of Boracay
  • Cons – One of the waiters was shoving this paraw sailing deal to my face and I found that highly unprofessional from staff of the resort and nobody else in the resort seemed to mind that he was doing it. For others, you might see that it’s actually a hefty walk from the D’Mall, 15 minutes.


We got 1 double and 1 twin bed. Sounds like a good deal to me.

2nd floor common area, not cafe area. and our room, first one on the right



We liked our room but thank Buddha that we only stayed there for a night. The air conditioning was a good spoil for our stay but we wouldn’t have had enough clothesline real estate to satisfy the amount of stuff we got wet. Among us were 3 towels, sets of swimwear, cover-up, sarongs and a bunch of others and the tiny room was just able to keep us in the clear for 1 night.

If you’ve got no other choices, then go ahead and take a night, it’s a 2-Star rating for me. Nothing special but nothing too blah. It all came down to the fact that we didn’t have to walk too far from the tricycle drop off. If you want a cheap room in Boracay, there are other cheaper options that are closer to D’Mall or something.


When with the Happy Meal, I can’t seem to get a chance to take a photo of our pre-organized chaos room

Air conditioning, TV, dresser and a nice closet



How to Get There

Take a tricycle from the port and say “Queen’s Resort.” They’re going to drop you off at the end of an alley. Round to the right at the corner and after the first convenience store is a tiny little opening that actually opens up to the front desk. We missed it the entrance the first time but the huge red sign helped us to go 5 steps back.


Contact Details

Queen’s Resort Boracay




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