Boracay, Philippines: Best Kept Dining Secret on the Island

“Where have you been all these years?”

It’s a question I blurted out after I took the couple of minutes to catch my breath after climbing 4 flights of stairs, which is not a common thing in Boracay.

I had the chance to tell everybody about this awesome place a year and a half ago but I was asked by the owner to keep things among ourselves. And I did. I kept my word, but seeing that people are already discovering this gorgeous place, it wouldn’t hurt to put in here on this tiny little, nobody-really-reads-us blog right?

Crafty’s Rooftop in Boracay has got to be one of those gems that is almost unheard of in Boracay: awesome location, commanding vistas (can you say 360-degree, practically uninterrupted views), accessible, HUUUUUGE menu, awesome offerings, chill crowd, all the while having awesome, personable, relatable and quick customer service.



I love this place and basically, the last time I was in Boracay, I made it a point to have my first dinner here. 9 months later since my first and last visit, I was happy to see that the place hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the quiet, laid back and fun place to be. Where the waiters wore sports jerseys with their names on it and where the cuddly owner occasionally goes around asking you how you are.



The two times I’ve eaten here, I ordered the same thing: Chicken Madras. However, going through the menu on both occasions was an excruciating task for the reason that there were so many things that I wanted to try from Filipino comfort food to the best dishes from Thailand and also an impressive selection from Indian cuisine.





If you’ve never been sucker-punched in the gut, then you’re in for a surprise. This thing is spicy beyond comprehension. It’s basically stewed peppers and a slight peppering of chicken, to be honest, and I would never have it any other way. It’s one of the spiciest things I have ever eaten and I have always been the one that ordered practically covered by pizza in chili flakes, drowned my siomai in chili oil and dusted my food with extra cayenne pepper.

A couple of tips when you attempt to take this challenge on. Order a Sweet Lassi with your Chicken Madras and Rice, you’re going to need it. Do not douse your rice with the sauce; you will regret it. Just the sauce that’s clinging unto the chicken is enough to fire up your tastebuds.

As scary as it sounds, it is down-right, in-your-face, heavenly, epiphanically delicious. The skies will open and shine a spotlight on the white ceramic serving dish. You will be lifted from your seat and you will experience Zero Gravity for the next 5 minutes. And if you’re lucky, you will be blessed with a clear, vivid vision of the future.

It’s got a beautiful mixture of spices that just goes beyond the heat. The sauce is soooo good that I wanted more but since I ended up eating half a cooker of rice, there wasn’t any way it was going to happen.





Basically, the owner of the building, who was an expat, wanted to have a quiet place where he and his friends could hang out, have a chat and have a few beers. So Crafty’s Rooftop was born. The place is the epitome of chill. Expect the local expat crowd to consist the “regular” crowd.

Nothing tourist-y at all about this place and there is hardly ever anybody who would come across as “tourist.” I only ever did discover this through a friend who worked at the Shangri-la Resort on the other end of the island and even she only discovered it after 6 months living on the island.


Grasya and Supah Me





Make your way to Crafts of Boracay, which is a 4-story tall commercial building on the main road. Coming from D’Mall and facing the road, hang a right the next immediate corner would the Crafts.

Take the stairs from the supermarket level, up to the “department store” level and up again to the fast-food fried-chicken looking little loft. Find the super-duper secret entrance towards the rooftop and conquer the last flight of stairs. 

When the blurred vision stops and the view engulfs begins to engulf you, a series of involuntary “Omigod’s” is sure to follow. Go on, indulge in a few expletives as well.

I never got there in time for sunset, those were always reserved for the beach, but you could see the distant horizon from the top, you can see the treetops that border the land before the vastness of the water came in.



The Happy Meal taking the tame route with some lomi soup





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