Boracay, Philippines: Room to Breathe in Casa Pillar Resort

The night before we stayed over at Queen’s Resort and for the next two nights, we were going to stay in Casa Pillar Resort. I love the fact that this was going to be a lower-budgeted version of my favorite spot, Nigi Nigi Nu Noo. 

That morning, we woke, went to the beach, went back, packed and moved a few meters to this pretty little place. It cost us P1,500 a night for it and considering that it was December, I call this a steal (though we all know how low we could go in Boracay, eh?). It was the Happy Meal’s and ZeYaya’s first foray into Boracay and I just wanted to make this pre-Christmas trip a nice one. For sure, the next time, we would be roughing it for real.



I decided to book here because it was *technically* beachfront property at a steal. Although you do have to walk for a couple of minutes from the beach to get to the huts inside. It had a cutesy little veranda and ample places to hang out beached-out outfits. It was also near Angol Point (so, the far end of Station 3). Also, I have a tendency of not booking the same spot twice in Boracay so we just *had* to try something new.




  • Restaurant up front – Pretty big and on the beach. Great place for people watching
  • Breakfast included – The normal Filipino rice breakfast set was alright but now I know that mango pancakes don’t work. Well, at least, they did it wrong, though
  • Bamboo huts have fan rooms, a bathroom and turn down service.
  • Garden with sitting area – although you won’t be able to sit for a minute, mosquitoes choose to hang out there.
  • There are upgraded air conditioned, dark-wood versions that are closer to the beach that cost P4,000 during peak season.









When I called in through their number and tried to do a reservation through them, they said that they were fully booked. 30 seconds later, I was booking the same room through Agoda. Problem solved.

They also have a Yellow Cab Pizza spot right up front. We had our dinner delivered to our room on Night #2 in Boracay.

During non-peak season, their rates drop to P1,000 a night for the bamboo huts.










We liked it. Although it took us an extra minute or two to get to our beach spot near Angol, we liked that the place was pretty quiet. We hung all our clothes out and we looked like an unprepared, non-serious ukay-ukay with an assortment of plus size items. They gave us welcome drinks on Day 1 and we have to report that the glasses never left the room when we were there – shrug, no problem on our part. We weren’t able to mingle with the staff too much though, other than dropping off our key every once in a while at the front desk.

The whole property set up is sorta weird though. They have these bamboo huts lined up in 3’s with the next row facing the back of the front row. It was a little bit of a turnoff that directly in front of us was a bare hallow-block wall. Hey, it was budget, we said. On the other side were Florida apartment-looking type of rooms. They were all lined up against the property wall and all had a great view of the garden. On the other side of the property was Casa Pillar’s new addition, a very modern style duplexes that seemed to bare and too cold in contrast to the warm bamboo huts. Nearer to the entrance, are dark-wood bungalows that is like an upscale version of our little fan-powered bamboo room. There was no cohesion among the different “clusters” of rooms and I personally would like to have the bamboo hut version and the dark-wood version. They seem to have the most character and most comfortable looking.

I looooooove our bamboo huts though. I think they are the best rooms in Boracay. Why stay in something that looks like it was plucked from hotels-row in Makati when you can really feel that you’re somewhere different, right?






Tell the tricycle at the jetty port to drop you off at E-Mall on Station 3. Once there, you have to walk through the little bit on rough gravel to get to the alley between La Isla Bonita and Boracay Sands. It’s about a 3-minute walk through small souvenir shops and once on the beach, turn right past Boracay Sands, Yellow Cab Pizza and you’re there at the one and only Casa Pillar Resort!



Casa Pillar on Agoda

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