Boracay’s No.1 Must Do: Boracay Pub Crawl


In the midst of State of Calamities, thigh high flooding and a persistent southwest monsoon, I will tell you about a certain perpetual summer that can be found in the island of… wait-for-iiiiiiiiit… Boracay.

Taken during summers or dead in the middle of the monsoon season, it doesn’t matter – because this party is available all year long. And this party is known as The Boracay Pub Crawl.

If you check TripAdvisor, you can see that they are currently the #1 activity to do in Boracay. And I totally agree. When anyone asks me what is there to do, I always yell out, “Pub Craaaaawwwwwl!”

Go there with a bunch of friends or go there solo. It doesn’t really matter. You will be mixing with an awesome group of people that you may or may not connect with after the crawl – given, you’re sober enough to have taken down contact details.




Basically, how this works is like this:

  1. You get your ticket and register with the Captains (the ones in the RED pub crawl shirts)
  2. You wear your FREE and AWESOME Pub Crawl yellow shirt
  3. You secure your FREE shot glass
  4. You suck down your FIRST FREE shooter
  5. You mingle and get happy with other pub crawlers




A LITTLE HELP: For those SHY GUYS and GIRLS, if you’re not the one who will or can come up to a stranger – well, the Captains will do it for you. There are games and challenges throughout the crawl that will foster your friends-making skills.


This is actually a SMALL group



There are 5 bars, free drinks, discounted drinks, games on the beach, dancing, singing, more drinking, locals, foreigners, those in shoes, those without shoes at all (talking to, Mr. Irishman)

Boracay Pub Crawl was the first ever of its kind on the island – getting together a bunch of people and making them friends and making awesome memories while drinking. And honestly, I cannot swear more that for every time I go to the island, I will make it a point to join a crawl. That’s the least I can do for a bunch of honest working individuals, that have, in my opinion, the best jobs in the world. Take that Ben Southall. 

With that, I invite you to come on over for a crawl. It’s the best thing to complement your quiet activities of:


Perpetually hanging out on the beach


Taking a 4-hour leisurely sunscreen-less paraw ride


Relaxing with some sort of alcoholic drink within arm’s reach



Really though, I cannot be paid to do this. There is nothing on this planet that I would love to endorse more than this right here. This is gold. This is money. This is Boracay Pub Crawl. See what I did there?


NOTE: Tickets bought online are cheaper by a couple of hundred pesos






Boracay Pub Crawl Website
Boracay Pub Crawl Facebook Page
Boracay Pub Crawl Twitter @BoracayPubCrawl
Boracay Pub Crawl Instagram @PubCrawlPH



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By the way, holler to the Boracay Pub Crawl Facebook Page for all of ye wonderful photos. .

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