Davao, Philippines: Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel

“Cozy and convenient.” That’s how my Mom described Casa Leticia.

Mom discovered this place on Agoda while she was debating among the Marco Polo, Apo View and this little gem. Crossing out the two, she decided to go for Casa Leticia because she has had good experiences with these small boutique hotels and wanted to try this for a bit.

They stayed here for 1 night and though that’s not really enough to get a feel of the place, everything that they have encountered were all nice things. Casa Leticia has a very professional, though small, staff. It’s very cozy and the service feels personalized.

With my experience in looking for Davao rooms – from luxuriously posh ones down to the quaint boutique hotel that Casa Leticia falls under, I’ve been able

They requested for a city tour from the hotel and called it in a week earlier than their trip. With 2-person group tours averaging on the *** price range, they opted to rent out the hotel vehicle and a driver to take them from the Philippine Eagle Center to the Eden Garden








Across People’s Park

Walking distance from shopping malls and areas

Has 3 different dining options within its walls

Breakfast has a small selection but everything on it is good





They stayed in a deluxe room which ran for something like P2500 a night but they have smaller and cheaper rooms to suit your needs. Relatively, they also have bigger and more posh rooms.

Breakfast is included with the price

*If you despise street noise, request for a room in the back of the hotel as the front faces a busy street.









Telephone: +63 82 224 0501



If you want to book Casa Leticia, please do so by clicking the box ad below. We’d get a teeny tiny amount back if you do. Thanks!


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