Davao, Philippines: Pearl Farm Luxury Beach Resort and Its One Major Flaw

I grew up thinking Pearl Farm really was an actual working farm harvesting actual pearls.

But in actuality, it’s one of the countries oldie-but-a-goody in terms of luxury beach resorts. Despite being quite the known destination, it can still wow and awe people. Here’s my Mom and Angkel, who have been all over the world, and they loved their first time in Pearl Farm – despite that one major thing that sorta ticked them off.

They were currently staying at a local Samal Island Resort named, Samal Island Huts, and they wanted to experience the posh and laid back side of the island before they head back to the city.

They got in, saw the free breakfast buffet laid out and grumbled at having eaten something at the marina prior to pick up. Their lunch was impressive but it wasn’t spectacular.


Having their “packed” breakfast of bread and cheez whiz with some ordered coffee


The rest of the day was spent talking with the other guests, roaming around the grounds and taking as many jumpshots as their bodies can handle.

My Mom and Angkel really weren’t the beach volleyball, snorkeling, tennis, basketball, golf, kayak kind of people so they just sat around in the shade and enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing on the beach.


Don’t you just love the senior awkwardness?




It was posh, private and detached. My Mom, for some reason, was able to pull the manager over and have him go on and on and on about the resort facilities, amenities and rooms. They were instantly given a 50% discount if they decided to stay for the night. But they didn’t have any clothes or toiletries or medication with them so they had to turn it down – what a way to give out a HUGE discount, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it. Nice play, sir. Nice play.

Not much to report on that part of their adventures. They really didn’t do a lot other than talk to the manager about the different rooms and chit chat with other people over some additionally-charged drinks. When it was time to head back to their hotel via the long way round, they were ready.





MAJOR REVELATION: My Mom and Angkel had this to say about Pearl Farm – It’s sooo much better than the Maldives.

Pick up your jaw and wipe away that look on your face because although relative to what they experienced, that was the case. Sure, they weren’t able to book themselves in the multi-thousand dollar a night exclusive beach resort in the Indian Ocean must-visit but they did stay at a resort that commanded an $80 non-consumable, basic resort entrance – so I call that, pwede na-close enough

She described the sand as being finer, whiter and with a generally “mas maganda” (more beautiful) atmosphere than what they experienced in the Maldives a year ago.

Maybe it really is more fun in the Philippines.







The resort is practically inaccessible by land (from within the island, duh). Since they were spending 2 nights in the island, they decided to spend the extra day in Pearl Farm as a day tour, turns out – they don’t have a service that can pick them up from their room. They also do not have decent roads going to the resort as the hotel-owner they were staying at said that their vehicle wouldn’t be able to survive the very-off road conditions going to Pearl Farm. The only within-Samal mode of transportation they could suggest is the habal-habal and even THAT ride wasn’t going to be smooth sailing and it would be rougher than they thought.

The SINGULAR WAY into the resort was by boat. And, because we asked, they told us that there also wasn’t a way that they could be picked up from any other port or ferry from any part of the island. So that meant one thing.

ZeFolks had to be brought to the ferry (thankfully, it’s not more than 5 minutes away from the hotel), board the barge back to Davao (10 minute ride), take a cab going to the Marina where Pearl Farm does the pick-up (20-minute cab ride) before finally get picked up by the Pearl Farm boat (which is a 45-minute ride going to the resort).

And since they were staying in the same hotel within Samal Island, they had to make their way back to the mainland, just so they could go back to their hotel back on the island.

So, remember, all of you out there… Pearl Farm is designed (and that’s how it going to be for the rest of its existence) to be visited from Davao City proper. 

We’re not being divas or anything but it just totally misses out on logic. It’s a resort in Samal Island and they were in Samal Island and they couldn’t get to the resort by land and have to get on the mainland to do so? It’s just unfortunate they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do anything about it.







  • PEARL FARM BEACH RESORT DAYTOURS cost P1,950 during weekdays and P2,500 on weekends and holidays.
  • Booking in advance is mandatory and payment is accepted by Paypal or direct bank deposit.
  • Day tour schedules are 8am (marina pick-up) to 4pm (pick up from Pearl Farm), and you cannot request for another boat to come pick you up if you’re late – unless you are bleeding profusely or pulled a Kevin Ware on the resort.
  • Day Tours include the following in the package: roundtrip boat transfers, welcome drink, buffet lunch (and breakfast- it doesn’t say but it was there when they got in) and free use of *some* facilities.
  • As for the kids, 6-11 years old get charged 50% less and any younger than that is at P375 per head.
  • Oh, and guests aren’t allowed to bring any sort of food into the resort but bring all the bottled water you can carry



BOOKING TIP: If you book through AGODA, they only give you free breakfast. If you book through the m directly, the package is full board. Aaaaah, you see what they did right there? Did you see? I know you did. Somebody please start a slow clap.



Now, THAT’S A JUMPSHOT. And she’s 57, y’all (granted though, she was a high jumper in high school, so scratch the ghetto that’s-mah-guuurrrrl look on my face)



This isn’t a paid post. Just saying’.


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