Daytripper Palawan: 6-Hour Transit in Style

How do you get through a 6-hour transit if you’re someone like me who gets really bad bouts of motion sickness?

Other than taking in a couple of Bonamine Chewables, you pre-book trips with Daytripper Palawan.

Introduced to me by the wondrous Josiah of Lakas ng Trip Blog, I discovered Daytripper and considered them the answer to my Puerto Princesa – El Nido – Puerto Princesa transit dilemma.


You have two options to get to El Nido from Puerto Princesa and back. Lakas ng Trip has it listed up as the RORO Bus and the Van Transfer. Or, if you have P4,500-6,000 lying around, you can opt to have your very own private van transfer going to El Nido.

And as per Josiah’s description, you either take the bus for comfort or the vans for time-convenience. Up until recently, these were your only options, luckily, a new kid is in town, providing first class service. It does make sense, you know. To be taking the 6-hour long commute and want to have something a more posh, a bit more comfortable.

This is the best treat to those who are aren’t financially-flexible enough to afford the direct to El Nido charter flights and for those who have enough money to spare to make their trip as comfortable as they can. I snuggly apply to this category. They don’t call me “The Prissy One” for nothing. And by “they,” I mean me. So, ummm…




Daytripper Palawan Features

Comfortable Seats – I kid you not when I say I was more comfortable on this 6-hour land transit than the 1.5 hour flight on a Cebu Pacific A320. And believe me as I am the person who always claims to prefer a 48-hour multi-layover flight to a 10 hour stint on a bus.

Leg and Head Room – You have enough of the space you need and WANT. You have the ability to stretch out and with my El Nido- Puerto Princesa seatmate standing at a towering 6’4”, I am proud to say that he was very comfortable himself.

Goodie Bag – Each passenger gets a small paper bag with a banana and a bottle of water. I saw from Josiah’s post that they used to give out a small packet of banana chips too, too bad I didn’t get them then, I was looking forward to that pa naman

Stopovers – You get enough. On the way back, we had 3 stopovers, which though I didn’t take them for bathroom breaks, was a great opportunity to walk around for a bit

Online – Get your tickets online. Just purchase them online, pay via Paypal or Credit Card and you’re set.

Management – The owners and managers are very comfortable to talk to and I like the way they manage their clients. They usually only have 1 trip per day that leaves at 9am. Because the trip GOING TO El Nido still was wide open, they gave in to my request to leave at a later time. 1230pm instead of 9am. Unfortunately, the Coach was in the shop on the day of our arrival so they had to cancel the GOING TO El Nido transfer. They appropriately gave me my refund and even went out of their way to help me find a replacement transfer. That is something I am very thankful for, indeed.

Price – It’s more expensive than your other options but it makes up for comfort. It’s P900 per seat on the Executive Coach and P800 on the Executive Van – but if you’re like me, take the Coach. It’s an experience and it’s the only one of its kind doing the trip from El Nido to Puerto Princesa.

Atmosphere – What I love the most about the trip, and something that I wish lasted the ENTIRE LENGTH of the whole 6 hours was the Spa-music perfectly-volumed to go through the speakers of that coach. It made the trip very relaxing and made going to sleep easy. Chamomile or peppermint scented massage oil was all I needed to doze off with a gaping, drooling mouth. However, a little bit later, it transitioned into regular radio and even the Top 40 hits such as Call Me Maybe – such a far cry from the sounds that take me back to a slow and pressurized stroke around my lower lumbar area. Still, I have to make a note of that and hope that they do something about it so that the music lasts for the ENTIRE trip. *Big Smile Here*




I cannot express how much I love Daytripper – I love their concept, I love that the owners relocated from Manila to Palawan to pursue this business and I love that they are changing the game for transport services going to and from El Nido. They are hard workers with a very good product and branding and I suggest that you take the time to book online and experience them for yourselves.


CAUTION: There are times, due to mechanical failure, that trips will be canceled at the last minute or so. Don’t worry, in terms of handling arrangements for your alternative form of transportation or handling refunds, you will have no problem when dealing with them. Just make sure you have their number saved on your phone to have constant contact with them with regards to your trip. That is all. 


I have to stop this review before I lose any of my ability to convey objectivity. *Smiley with a tongue sticking out*





+63 917 8488755, +63 921 7423683, +63 48 7230312



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