Dropping Dough at the Gotemba Shopping Outlet in Hakone


 Hell hath no fury than a woman shopping.

This is soooo true but the Gotemba Shopping Outlet, as popular as it was, didn’t bring out the fury in these power shoppers (ZeMom and I).

Prior to getting to the giant factory outlet shopping, I already researched and found out that although the goods are fairly discounted and marked down, this is in relation to the Japanese market and that relative to the US factory outlets, you really don’t get *that much* of a deal. It’s a good deal in Japan, but you can easily find a better deal somewhere else.



We saw everybody go crazy on some of the branded shopping but we kept things minimal, only taking the time to walk lazily, grab a snack and bought something that the Happy Meal could use when school starts.

I knew that this store has an awesome view of Mt. Fuji from the bridge but good ol Fuji decided to hide behind some major clouds that day. So, in turn, we decided to hide indoors as well. For the little one, it was the Lego store. And after an hour or so of playing with multi-cultural kids, we thought we might as well buy something from Lego. That was the only major purchase of the day: building blocks along with her spanking new rain poncho. Oh gee, how damn practical of me.





As everybody piled back into the buses, paper bags upon paper bags of luxury brands went by us. “Shopping was really great,” they argue – comparing the shopping prices to the “regular” price of these items.

The Gotemba Shopping Outlet was a major destination for tourist buses and locals alike although we can say that it’s not our kind of place. You can drop by there and check out some of the stores which include these:


Anna Sui
Eddie Bauer
Vivienne Westwood
Alexander McQueen
Dog Dept
Hush Puppies
Osh Kosh B’Gosh
Ralph Lauren
Salvatore Ferragamo




The food court ain’t that bad. They’ve got an artisanal bread place, place for teriyaki, coffee and sandwiches. Hanging out there is awesome because you get to see all the people with awesome dogs – which could’ve made our entire day, by the way.

Do you know of awesome shopping somewhere else? Give me a holler. I would want to get into that. 

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