El Nido Overlooking: Luxury at a Reasonable Price


I want an all-consuming love, the type of love that will make people hate me on Facebook as I post my too-sweet-for-General-Patronage outlandish displays of affection. I want a love that is so damn consuming that I would want to kiss the person so fast and passionate because I want him to know how much this love is consuming me while at the same time I would want to kiss him slow and romantic because I want to savor each and every moment I have with him. I want a love that is so consuming that no human word of any human language can hold its meaning.


I want something like that. No, I want that. Alright, alright – I need that. 


The next time I stay at El Nido Overlooking Resort, I must – I WILL have that kind of love with me because El Nido Overlooking Resort is the kind of resort that needs that kind of love.

Seriously, check out the room for yourself. It’s got a room with 4 walls, 2 of them are made completely out of glass. So not only do you take the outside views in but you have this opportunity to live out some funky fantasy of “doing it outside” without having to actually be outside.

The outside seating area is a wonderful place to be spending your lazy mornings, 3-hour lunches and sunset glasses of wine.

The porch is an ideal spot to recreate that kissing under the rain scene in The Notebook.Do not take my word for it though”, she says as she tries to put a disclaimer against reading family members.



Resort Features That Make it One of the Best in El Nido Without Making It Too Excessive

  1. There are only 3 (at the time but a final cottage is being built so in the end it will only have 4) villas on the entire property. Talk about exclusive.
  2. There is a pool that serves its luxurious purpose without being excessive in terms of wasting water and energy.
  3. The villas are made with the finest materials and the design is consistent throughout the whole property.
  4. Nature is right there on your porch. We’ve had the privilege of having numerous kinds of birds perch on branches right outside of our villa as well as be able to hear monkeys and geckos out in the distance.
  5. The Privacy Villa in particular is so luxuriously private that you can strip down nekked on the porch and no one will see you doing the Chicken Dance (Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!)
  6. The custom and handmade shower/tub looks out into the foliage of the El Nido hillside and gives you the splendid opportunity to bathe with the birds peeking at you.
  7. The view of Bacuit Bay is phenomenal and sunsets were made to be seen from this slice of heaven on earth.
  8. Breakfast is served awesomely and you can ask for more bread.
  9. The price, for something so luxurious and impeccably designed, is fairly and reasonably priced, I think.
  10. The staff is incredibly nice and attentive. We ordered food from town and when they served it to us, instead of simply plopping down the foil-wrapped delivery packages, in an impressive spread that even impressed newly arrived Chinese neighbors occupying the other villa.

Also, prior to heading off to go camping in the islands, Arnaud, the awesome French owner and manager, allowed us to leave some of our stuff within the property. And this wasn’t a joke, they had our huge backpacks for like a couple of nights and after getting out of the islands and before heading back to Puerto Princesa, we even got offered to use the bathroom for a quick change and shower.


Outside seating area with the kitchenette sink over there at the back

Another angle so you see the bed

Outside looking in

Magical Mystical and Sexy Tub/Shower

See, you walk down to it. Sexy, isn’t it?

See the bed from the sink (No sh–, Sherlock)

King-sized bed, for all your acrobatic needs. Wink, wink




A few downsides you might want to know (but won’t ever deter me from this place)

  1. It’s quite a steep walk from the main road. Our tricycle from town wasn’t able to drag its way up the steep driveway of the resort so we had to walk, which is quite a bit if you have your bags with you. Not the sexiest way to enter the premises of an awesome awesome resort (i.e. panting and sweating like a pig)
  2. They do not have a café, restaurant or other food services within the grounds of the resort except for breakfast. However, they do allow delivery services from town and most restaurants only charge an additional P50 for delivery. (Ask for menus from different restaurants in town before heading to the resort)
    This also gives you the perfect opportunity to make use of the cooking facilities of the villa. Make for an episode of the Naked Chef, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.
  3. They have WiFi but it’s not cable so it’s pretty dependent on the cellphone network signal. I like this feature though as this is the kind of place that you’d want to be disconnected anyway.


From the welcome cottage and you have no choice but to climb up that. This was shot from the communal area by the pool.


Lovely breakfast served at your chosen time. You can have it in your villa or in the communal area by the pool




Tips for a Comfortable (and Prepared) Stay:

  1. Buy some  food and wine from town. They have cooking facilities, corkscrews and wine glasses in the villas. Get the menus from the different restaurants if you plan to have food delivered. We stayed with La Salangane and Squido’s for food delivery.
  2. Stay at the Privacy Villa. Really, being that close to the pool isn’t all that fun compared to being that private and secluded. Nekked parties are welcome at the Privacy Villa.
  3. Be with someone who will be the recipient of that all-consuming love of yours. I will definitely make that a priority the next time I have a visit.


Privacy Villa

The pool, shot from the communal guest area



One day, I will have that all consuming love, not one of those, let’s be together because we both need companionship and we don’t kill each other and we respect each other kind of thing. Nope, I will not have one of those relationships that rely on utter tolerance and getting-along-skills. I will have my kind of love, the kind of love, passion and lust that you bring to this kind of place. 

And for the record, when I was here for the first time – it wasn’t all that bad – I had consummated my relationship with a $10 bottle of wine and that was mighty fine with me. 






El Nido Overlooking Website
El Nido Overlooking TripAdvisor
El Nido Overlooking Facebook Page
Located on the hillside of Corong-Corong Beach, the driveway is right next to the public school
+63 916 631 7078






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