El Nido Palawan: First Impressions and True Loves

Officially, I am an El Nido non-virgin!



It was my first time in El Nido Palawan and I made sure to make it worth the hassle. It was, indeed, paradise and I guess, all I can say, is that – I have fallen in love. And it is for that reason, that I am cutting down on my Japan series (again) to make way for words and photos from my week-long love affair with the Palawan town.

I’ve barely made a dent on my series on Japan, having posted my silly moment in a traditional Kimono, our hellish day at Universal Studios Japan and a couple of reviews of hotels including one in Namba, Osaka. And yet, here I am, making another segue into another trip altogether.

While based in El Nido Palawan, I indulged in what could be done as work and what could be described as play. In between meetings, conference calls and assignments left and right, I was able to sneak in a couple of island hopping tours as well as a few bottles of wine and beer. And all of that was deliciously blanketed with the most amazing views of Bacuit Bay.




*   Expect a wondrously biased review of the place I called home for the week, Coral Bay Resort, along Corong-corong Beach.

*   Prepare to be inescapably envious of the two island hopping tours I was able to hitch along as a solo traveler.

*   Salivate over (some of – to be explained in said post, wink wink) the different food choices that I was fortunate enough to shove down my over-eager throat.

*   Excite yourself with the fact that the 6-hour transit from Puerto Princesa to El Nido and back will be much more tolerable, even enjoyable, with the help of one particular transport company.

*   Discover the secret to my El Nido trip planning because HE is the man who will give you EVERYTHING you need on going to Palawan.

*   And for those who have gone and done the island hopping tours, reinvigorate your El Nido-craving spirit with my list of Other Things To Do When in El Nido.


All of this is coming up very soon. I just might crack the middle of my Japan series and dive into this first.





Oh, and take a look at this:

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