El Nido Resort Review: Palawan Greenviews Resorts

ZeMom was torn between staying in Coral Bay and Greenviews. When I went to Palawan for my week-long work-play stint, she instructed me to decide for her and I decided for her best bet was to stay in Palawan Greenviews. Not that I have anything against my favorite Coral Bay Resort, it’s just this was the El Nido resort for her. She traveled with 2 other friends and one of her friend’s daughter – so they were a comfortable party of 4.

The one thing that I know they had planned to do on the trip is to cram as many activities as they can in the 1 week that they were in Palawan. That means, they would probably spend the entire day out island hopping and return to the room, eat and sleep. They would run into an inconvenience with Coral Bay if that were the case since they don’t actually have a restaurant and you would have to go to Greenviews for a decent dinner anyway.

Just so you know, their rates are pretty awesome. You can get a room for P500/person/night there if you book the family room on an off-season time. The family room which sleeps 4 is awesomely priced at P2000 – so it’s just perfect.



Single detached cottage made up of natural materials
Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Free breakfast
Restaurant available
Beach-side bar
Quiet neighborhood
WiFi available  (public areas)


And ZeMom not having been the full-blooded blogger that she knows she has to be eventually, she didn’t exactly take photos of the cottages or the rooms. I find that funny. So as a result, I would like to feature the photos that she was able to take.


This is the viewing deck that is literally 20 seconds away from Greenviews. Cool spot to start your El Nido trip, methinks.


This is the view from the 2-storey restaurant of Greenviews. It’s where the WiFi is, so they spend a lot of time there.


View from the beach entrance.



Mom usually called us via Skype during their breakfast or dinner at this restaurant. They didn’t bother going out of the resort to sample other places – they were exhausted and lazy that way.


A good place to be hanging out with an awesome view of the bay.


They sort of arrived kind of late on their first day, they were able to still get Greenviews to prepare their island hopping the following day. They even requested to have different dishes from what is normally served in island hopping trips. On one trip, they decided to ask for Pinakbet and then on another they asked for crab to go along with their grilled fish, squid and fish and rice. Oh and another occasion, they were able to have some local maruya as a hearty merienda. They are quite grateful to Greenviews for being so pampered during their trips.




Palawan Greenviews Resort
Corong-corong, El Nido
0921 586 1442



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