Exploring Davao and Samal: Nature Trips for the Seniors

Seniors on a couple of nature trips. Get your Flanax ready and read on.


We start off with a shot of what seems to be an outtake of The Walking Dead’s main vehicular protagonist. After getting past the jeepney in the background, we move on to formally introducing the very mode of transportation that was provided by Samal Island Huts for their day trip around the island.

It only cost them P1,500 for the whole day with a driver and one of the owners of the place they were staying acted as the day’s tourist guide as well.



First stop of the day: Haguimit Falls. And from the looks of those stairs and by how far the bottom is, any senior would be cursing their way down and back up. Luckily, both of ZeFolks were able to get to the bottom and enjoy the playful area that is Haguimit Falls.

It was here that they took time to cool off (well, my Mom did) and enjoy the water before gorging on their packed lunches.



Seniors are warned of the slippery rocks. My Mom regretted not having her aqua socks/ water shoes on at the time. For the more advanced seniors, make sure your hip replacement insurance hasn’t expired yet.


As for this photo, I am posting as an award to her efforts of self-timer shots while making her way to a spot in the waterfalls. You should’ve seen the quantity of shots that were taken before this one.


PRIDE is seeing my Angkel make it to the bottom of the steps going to Haguimit Falls.
PREJUDICE is having a secret laugh that it would probably quite literally take him forever to go back up them.


Second Stop of the Day: Kaputian Beach.

With Pearl Farm technically being in the same baranggay Kaputian, it makes sense that for those who cannot amass a budget for a day trip to Pearl Farm to make your way instead to this publich(ish) beach. There is a door charge of P10, after all.

It’s a very good beach, after all. Not all being shortchanged with nature’s beauty. And as for our two travelers, we see that their age isn’t the only thing that’s different between them. Their preference of water and sun exposure seems to be obvious as well.


After quite a drive, they arrive at their final destination for the day: the Monfort Fruit Bat Colony. My Mom was squirming around in her seat as she told us the story of how it felt to be there: the sight, the smell and the noise.

Personally, though, I don’t get it. When I was there about a year and a half ago, the smell really wasn’t that bad. In fact, I didn’t any foul odor at all. And being able to smell our habal-habal driver after a 20-minute hike up Mt. Puting Bato proved that my Olfactories were in check for that day.

I do have to agree, once your eyes adjust and sink in at how many bats there actually are in those caves, it creeps up your back and has the power to activate gag reflexes.



On Day 2, they made their way to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort but not after going through some public transportation to get there. At dawn (don’t you just love the dramatic effect of saying, “at dawn”?) they had to take a barge across back to the city and then take the resort boat going back to Samal Island and into the resort.

Props for Mr. Photobomber there. 5 Points to Griffindor.



On Day 3 of their nature trips down south, they take a Davao City tour and make a beeline for the Eden Nature Park.


As you can tell, there really wasn’t a lot that they could do in the park. This is my Mom’s version of bouncing off of walls, I guess.


As for this photo, I just see it as a direct opposite of when people say something about “rainbows coming out of your ass.” Literally.





Finally, ZeFolks make their way to the final leg of their series of nature trips in Davao with a stop at the Philippine Eagle Center.




And that was it folks, 3 days of nature tripping out down south in Davao-Samal Island. A little of beach here and there, a lot of greenery and then a couple of huge eagles to cap it off with. It was definitely a breath of fresh air- even my Angkel says so.

He wasn’t at all disappointed with the kind of trip that they had but admitted that it was a good refresher in that it was something, “different.” Touché, my good man. Touché.

Despite all the greenery and with practically nothing to do other than photo ops, ZeFolks did immensely enjoy themselves with the days’ nature trips around Samal Island and Davao City.

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