First Time to See Snow at Mt. Fuji



Everybody loves a good flashback, right? Let’s do one right now. A few several a sizeable amount of years ago, my Mom and I were fresh off the boat, so to speak, in America. We came in the end of fall but wasn’t able to see our first snow until it was dead in the middle of spring.

In good old Southern California, Big Bear has always been a late bloomer in terms of getting rid of the snow part. So, for some reason, when everything is all spring and bloom, our whole group of Filipinos decided to head up to Big Bear so the new kids can get a glimpse of some leftover powder.



So there I was, in my cousins’ hand me downs and white sneakers; I only ever had this one shot of me but it’s so perfect. You’d think that there was a lot more snow. Nope. It’s just a great framing. As a result, this photo has been reprinted, blown up and framed for all eternity as the first time I ever laid eyes and hands on snow.




Fast forward to this year’s trip to Japan, it’s technically Spring Break but we head up to Mt. Fuji’s 5th level, which has the tourist center, and we were left to stay at the 4th level instead because there was too much snow on the road going up to the 5th. Despite that, we still were able to experience the breadth that the view from the 4th level could give.

This would be the Happy Meal’s first time to see and touch snow too and honestly, I think she had more fun with it than I did because I was too physically restrained by my snow day outfit, lol. Tonie has had a posher experience with her cutesy little peacoat and (to match her mom) inappropriate footwear. Also, you can’t go wrong with having your first snow experience in THE Mt. Fuji, right?




I’d love to know your first time experience with snow. Tell me in the comments below. Let’s all share that soft, cuddly and fuzzy experience with each other and then spoon for the rest of the early morning.





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