Hakone Region : New Video on Japan and New Posts



Welcome to the Hakone Region of Japan – you’re gonna love this. We did. 

Here’s another video up on The Super Tourists’ Spring Break in Japan. Sure, it’s coming up on the dead of fall right now (in some parts of the world). But I believe that, just like Happy Hour, it’s gotta be spring in some part of the world.


(BTW, apparently, Utada Hikaur’s song “Traveling” is “copyrighted” so I coudn’t use it on the video. Youtube muted this one so it’s going to look very very weird. I’m trying to install some other “suggested” music to stick on it but it’s just not the same. 🙁
To think that I actually recorded everything in real time WITH that song. Oh well, papel, 


Just to give you a little primer here is what’s included in the video and what posts you should expect to see in the next coming weeks:




+– Our detailed trip overview on the Shinkansen’s Limited Express.

+– A *sigh* “shopper’s paradise” (with lazily made hand quotation marks to go with it) that is called the Gotemba Shopping Outlet

+– The Owakudani Hell Valley and how you can add 7 years to your life sans drinking vampire blood (not in video though)

+– An awesome stay at a traditional ryokan in the middle of Hakone – tiny little tables and tatami mats included!

+– Tiny little wooden tables that have dinner and breakfast served the traditional Japanese way (not in video)

+– A trip up, up and up the side of Mt. Fuji and the Happy Meal’s first meeting with real (yet dirty) snow

+– And then slowly, we creep into Tokyo and get the full effect of the Cherry Blossoms in bloom


Talk to you soon! Now, excuse me while I make these posts for y’all.





Holler to featured photo by macuoka in Flickr

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