Holidays of Distinction in Sharm el Sheikh

If y’all don’t follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram — THEN YOU SHOULD DO SO TOOOOTALLY – then you may not know about the teeny tiny fact that I am now semi-officially headed back for Boracay and El Nido by my birthday month in September! A bit of coincidence and choices made, along with a heavy dose of indifference towards budget constraints. It’s going to be sooo much fun! 

So, in celebrating getting the chance to fly back to both of my favorite beach destinations in the country, I give to you another post from our super friends about the beach- but this time we’re heading south of the Med and into Egypt!






If you’re after a scorching cheap holiday hotspot that’s got that classic combo of sun, sea and sand, with a bit of life and lashings of heritage, a stay in Sharm El Sheikh could be right up your street.


A vibrant resort located on the beautiful Red Sea coast of Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh has got everything you need for a sizzling summer getaway. In fact it’s not just a summer scorcher – thanks to its North African location, you can expect pleasant temperatures during the winter months too, which is ideal when you’re looking for a winter warmer to help you thaw out from the damp and drizzle of home. Winters are typically a little quieter, but given its renowned year-round location, you can still expect a bit of life during the cooler months.


During the summer, this bubbly resort really hots up – in more ways than one. Expect a busy ambience with stacks of beach-side fun, whether that means keeping the kids entertained with sandcastles and endless paddling in the shallows, or trying your hand at one of many different watersports. In particular, scuba diving is a popular sport here – and for good reason too. The waters are calm and clear, which provides a high level of visibility and the perfect environment for spotting reef sharks, barracuda, turtles, angelfish and many more species of marine life.


And if a cheap holiday is on the cards, you’ll find all manners of different late deals and early bird discounts on holidays to Sharm El Sheikh. Search online via the main tour operators’ websites for details of the latest special offers, and you could soon be jetting off on a cut-price holiday to Egypt’s gorgeous Red Sea coast, ready to soak up the sun in style…



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