Instead Softcup: Why Girls Should Have This as Travel Gear


When that time of the month is coming and you have a massive beach trip coming up, what do you include in your travel gear? Bulky and unhygienic-at-the-beach pads? Or health-scare with that annoying string tampons? What a commercially cheesy way of introducing this product, eh?

Heck, I tried, didn’t I?


What is a Softcup?

The Instead Softcup is a menstrual cup. “Say whaaaaaat,” you say.

First of all, if you’ve never used a tampon before then the idea of a menstrual cup might baffle you for a bit but in a nutshell this is what it is: it’s a plastic cup that you shove up your vajayjay so it acts as a plug for your period. You wear it for longer, has no threat of TSS, less messier and very compact to travel with when compared with tampons and pads.

If you don’t know what TSS is (and especially if you use tampons), then read THIS courtesy of Wikipedia.

I know it looks weird and you ask yourself, “How the eff am I going to get that round thing INSIDE me?!” Before you go off on an anti-Softcup rant, allow yourself to be educated by how it works. You are welcome to watch the videos on their website.




Here’s a chart of how it matches up with pads and tampons





What’s it Got To Do with Traveling?

If you’re a female, then – EVERYTHING! Have you ever gone to a water-based destination and missed out on awesome swimming, snorkeling and diving just because you had your period? Have you ever lucked out on spending all day out in a new city because you are constantly worried about your pad or tampon and whether it was time to change it up?

Minus the cheesy asking you questions part, it really does come in handy. If you follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (see what I did there), then you would know that I recently got out of a 2 week awesome trip that took me 1 week in Boracay and 1 week in El Nido. Both of them are highly aquatic destinations that would have you submerged in water or at least hovering over water for most of the time.

I gotta admit that for a brief part of that trip, I found myself cursing the heavens asking it to smite the female reproductive system for being so blah. Come on, really? Bleeding? How Old Testament can you get, right?


Admittedly, this is me with my period and my chunky monkey thighs. But I just wanted to show you that I was able to go from the water to the boat (with white benches) to the beach without worrying about whether I was getting all messy and all.



Anyway, I did that for like a few moments and then once I got my Instead Softcup on, I didn’t have to worry about anything for the next 10-12 hours. Yes, 10-12 hours. AND there’s no absorption of blood happening, as is with the case with tampons, so there is no threat of TSS.

Another feature of it is that you only need one for your entire cycle. Yes, one. No need to scour your neighborhood convenient stores for pads that may or may not be compatible with you. No more lugging around tampons in your backpack. You just need one.

And just a little secret, there are softcup users out there who admit to using their softcup for more than 1 cycle. Personally, I do a 3-month use on them. If they are perfectly working and as long as I keep them clean (I use baby wash or feminine wash to clean them), odorless and properly stored, I don’t see any reason not to wear them again.


Not afraid to get in and out of the water! 




There Has To Be a Downside

Well, there are. Like all things in life, there has to be a balance, which is the reason why you can’t eat cake every single day.

Unlike tampons that have that special little applicator, the Instead Softcup will have you shoving your finger up and into your insides. Some, if not a lot, of people are not into that.

Another downside to it is handling the softcup when you’re emptying it out. Basically, and in the most literal sense, you have blood on your hands. And when emptying it out, you may need a small dipper of water or a few baby wipes to get yourself and the cup clean before putting it back in. I can’t imagine doing it in a public restroom but honestly, A) I’ve never had to change or empty out my Softcup in a public bathroom because I can go for longer without changing it and B) If you’ve been wearing one for a month or two, you’ll be able to figure out how to simply pee and, with pelvic muscle action, empty it out just like that. Settle to do the messy part at home.

It can leak. I do wear a panty liner with my Softcup and during days that I know I’m going to be out for a loooong day, I sometimes put on a pad as well – but that almost always ends up clean at the end of day anyway. Oftentimes, a panty liner does it for me.



Softcup’s Dirty Little Secret

As a silicon ring with a flexible and pliable plastic “cup” area, it is no surprise that women around the world are making use of the softcup to have some mess-less sexy time even when the red flag is up. Situations, conditions and body part sizes vary of course but there are a large number of softcup users who swear to using these for doing the deed. *wink wink*




As a Conclusion

I like it. I’m sold. I love the Instead Softcup. And no, I wasn’t paid to put this review up. There are just some things on this planet that I truly believe and support with my own heart that I want to just want the world to know how effing awesome they really are. I love Softcup despite its downsides, because the upsides outweigh them more.



Want to Try it Out?

So far, the only way I can get the Instead Softcup to be part of my travel gear is by ordering it on Amazon. If you want to order in a few orders or even a sampler pack to see if the Instead Softcup is the right one for you, give me a holler, I could get you into my next Amazon shopping spree. Actually, I have enough Softcups to last me until the upcoming zombie apocalypse so, if you want to sample it, drop me a line and I could send you one over your way. 


Thanks for Softcup for the photo of the chart, btw. For more information including video tutorials and testimonials, please visit



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