My Favorite Room: Best Hotels, Resorts, Dorms and other Awesome Accommodation in the Philippines

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Luxury all-inclusive resorts, busted up dark and dingy guesthouses, up on top penthouse suites and down below on the ground tents – these are just some of our favorite rooms locally and abroad.


Personally, there’s something about picking out accommodation that excites me. For me, it’s always the perfect mix of price, location and amenities. I love looking through photos, reading the room reviews, pro-ing and con-ing each aspect with each of the other prospective places to crash. Then again, there are those times when I walk into a town without knowing where I’m going to stay for the night. When that happens, you don’t have any expectations and get ready to accept whatever is handed to you.

And once you finally enter the room, you always have that heavens-opening-up-with-a-chorus-of-cherubs-singing moment as you see your bed. It’s your reward after making the trip to that room, either it’s a long multi-layover flight or a quick drive from home. Of course, you snap that photo before you start marking your territory. The blog needs it, you think – we ALL think.

This month, Pinoy Travel Bloggers from all over the world share their experiences on their favorite room. It can be the best hotels and it can be the most exclusive of resorts or it could be the most homey of guest houses and most basic of bedspaces. Each bed, each room has a story that stays with its traveler. Read on to know these stories and to know more about these travelers as they tell you about their Favorite Rooms.


Nakanang Segue Yan Oh…



Izah of Tripadora luxuriates in swanky hotel, The Venetian, in Macau. In one of those pinch-yourself moments to check if it’s real, Izah lays her head back in some pretty impressive digs and finds herself snuggling against plush pillows and sitting in a gold-colored and elaborated decorated carriage. Although I think, next time, she should go pack her own personal butler – one with a British accent, and preferably looks like Michael Caine.



On the other end of the spectrum, Wandering Potpot’s Sarah takes us on a rugged go through of her favorite kind of room, which is technically, not really a room but a piece of canvass held up by rods. The unknown and the unexpected are two of the things that go along with her favorite portable accommodation. For those who have been apprehensive about the whole take-your-room-wherever-you-go concept, this post may just the thing to take you into that more adventurous side of yours.




Traveler on Foot, Glenn, tells us a very different side of the story of his favorite room, which is not-coincidentally, his own room in his own home. He shows us how all his travels come home with him in bits and pieces, slowly but surely completing a house that is more than just a place to sleep in, but the actualization of all his previous travels and friendships. One can travel the whole world and still long for the comfort and memories of one’s own bedroom. See how all of his travel memories congregate in his humble abode.



PTB’s resident Pinay Traveller Pol gives us probably the most unique and taas-kilay accommodattton there is on this list, spending some time on hotel on wheels, the Tren Al Andalus. Oh yes, this place is tuh-ruy at its best. Think the Orient Express but with a sexy Antonio Banderas accent. Despite having limited space and constantly moving, Pol tells us how this compares to a stationary 5-star hotel. And personally, I would sell a kidney and maybe a ventricle of my heart to be able to just walk through the cars of this kind of room.




Albino Christopher of the I Wander blog relates to us the grandeur that is the Makati Shanri-la. This oldie but a goodie is, according to him, is still the same after so many years of servicing high-tier guests. It’s still the grand hotel that can make any hotel in the metro run for cover. Don’t forget the photos of the breakfast buffet, those have to be my favorite. Even as the Shang stands as the main beacon of the Makati area, it still delivers above and beyond the call of duty and read on to find out how.



This time we hop on over at Billy’s Galero Escape Travels blog. Going to one of my personal island favorites, he opens up the doors to the huge-posh-complex that is Alta Vista de Boracay. From the expansive loft rooms to the almost countless buildings that house a very large amount of rooms. We see him soak in the luxuriousness of the place, despite him not being able to do the same with the tub in their room. See the rest of the vast property and find out why it’s his favorite room of all.


Let’s all take a moment to inhale the fresh air that is so abundant in our next blogger favorite room. Aleah of the Solitary Wanderer takes us all to Batanes, which is on EVERYONE’s Philippine destination bucket list. Simple as it may be, do not be fooled by the amenities and the experiences brought about by a simple lodge. Basic accommodation is more than enough when you’d be spending all of your time outside, exploring the expanse that is Batanes. Then again, you could get lucky just like Aleah, whose favorite room expanded to be her favorite house– like having the WHOLE house to herself.




A little flight down south to Dumaguete and we are welcomed by Pinoy Adventurista Mervs in quaint boutique hotel that is Islands Leisure. There is nothing like having a great compromise between the pocket-friendly and personal aspect of a smaller hotel and the tip top services and amenities of a posher hotel – boutique hotels. See how he escapes the island of Luzon and even the relatively-bustling city center of Dumaguete for a little countryside staycation for three days.



Guiltless Getaways’ Melody brings us back to Boracay and into the almost-intimidating walls of the Boracay Mandarin. Melody actually hands over a proposal, nay, a challenge for anyone and everyone who decides to indulge in the Mandarin experience: it’s not to push the hotel to its limits but to actually be able to bask in the top notch service that comes with such flawless hotel features. From awe-inspiring interiors, amenities, spa treatments and food selection they also have a nifty and impressive spread of gelato flavors, which I think stumps all of that.



It’s off to Bagasbas as Mark of Nomadic Experiences takes us on a road trip that is one for the books. Playing the rugged and game-for-anything backpacker card, they walk into a simple lodge that serves its purpose. Although this humble sample of backpacker lodging does not disappoint. Being right on the beach, facing towards the largest body of water in the world, the rock bottom price adds a wonderful cherry on top of this sundae.



Other than welcoming you to his blog post with a proper, well-fitted suit, Regin of Regins Travels takes us on a personal tour of a very well-deserved staycation in Bangkok’s Conrad Hotel. The words “Executive Suite” isn’t usually uttered in most traveler stories, mostly ending up in humble backpacker abodes. But allow Regin to take you in a more than proper Executive Suite that will take you away from Thailand and into a world of pampering.



After a moment of silence or a round of applause for the newlywed (I keep forgetting which one it is, :P) Atty. Mhe-Anne Ojeda of My Comings and Goings, we let her tag us along to a couple of their mini-moons immediately after getting married. It’s all GP here, and all photos aren’t basking in honeymoon gooeyness. Instead, she gives us options if, in case, we want a little honeymoon ourselves that’s just a little ways from the city or within the city itself. Whether it’s up in the Tagaytay highlands or in the classic Manila Hotel, just take your pick.



Grasya of her namesake blog straddles the fence between her two favorite rooms: a traditional wooden house in Cotobato and a lovely out-of-the-way house in Chiang Mai, Thailand. One was the epitome of basic accommodation, not even with house partitions or any form of luxuries while the other was the house she called home for the two months she was in Thailand. Each one has charms and features that makes it totally distinct and different from the other while making them both her favorite. Which one is yours?



Brennan of Baktin Corporation presents us with one that is “for the books.” Talk about addressing the need, his favorite room, which is featured in this post of his climb up Mt. Kitanlad, shows us that basically, we don’t need a lot of frills and curls – just a bed to lay your head down and a bathroom. Everything else is a want. Although for most climbers, he claims, it is actually too much of a luxury to be staying in a room with a kitchen and some other amenities, find out why.



Call our next blogger indecisive. Mark Julius of Lakwatserong Tsinelas hasn’t been able to decide on one particular room. Instead, he shares with us three totally different rooms that all have been memorable to him. The nipa hut in Banaue, the then-newly opened resort in Marinduque and 5-star island resort in Surigao all came clamoring for the position of favorite room in this blogger’s heart. Read on what makes one room different from the other.



And as we wind down on this list, we would like to relax with the sight of I Am Traveling Light’s Claire’s experience in a little secluded spa place just outside of the metro and into the city of Antipolo. See the relaxing view, dip in the infinity pool, gorge on delicious food, luxuriate in the spa services or finally, pass out on the impeccably decorated rooms. Choose one or choose all but don’t take my word for it, hop on to Claire’s blog to read more about it.



And there’s my little outlandish and slightly-repressed description of my favorite room. At times, I am still wondering if that post was about the exclusive, reasonably-priced and private resort or my lack of appropriate companionship to share the romantic villa with. If anyone finds out about that, please, give me a holler.




Talk about teleporting. Darwin of Tracking Treasure heads to Cebu but it’s as if he takes us all the way to Europe with his post on his favorite room in The Henry. It has a perfect mix of traditional hotel with modern and unique features that just takes you away to another continent altogether. And with that, they also maintain quite the immaculate standard. Impressive, I say. If I were Darwin though, I’d definitely don a set of silk, monogrammed and gold trimmed pajamas before heading for the couch for that cutie little selfie he has on the post. 



As we all take our more than personal trips to our own hearts, here’s Ephraim of his aptly named blog, Selfless Travels, putting us to school. He stays in the Jungle House in Cambodia as he starts, along with friends, his mission to help other people. The name of his blog puts me to shame as he took the time to combine travel and doing something completely selfless. All the while he was having an adventure with his favorite room. And nothing says adventure like open air, manually powered, multi-person bathing area. I know, read for yourself to find out.




Most South East Asian travelers would know about Vietnam and a huge chunk of those are familiar with Mui Ne and for those that don’t, it’s an other-wordly place that takes you away in different colored sand dunes and beaches. And here we have Armie of Mie’s Adventures totally skipping the dusty, rugged and adventurous side of Mui Ne and unraveling the opulence of a, for lack of a prim and proper word, big-ass resort that has a big-ass pool with a big-ass buffet and topped with an impressive beachfront. If I stayed here I would forgo the sand dunes and just park myself on that sandbar with maybe a big-ass fruity drink.



To close, if you are a travel blogger (and chances are, you are pretty much one if you’re reading this), I have a few words that will most likely save you and your travel party’s sanity.

Please oh please, try to NOT use the death stare on your family and friends if they unwittingly mess up the sheets of the room and burst down their backpacks and suitcases before you have been able to take the “immaculate room” photo for your blog.

If that constantly happens to you, here’s a little tip – take a cue from Frodo and be the KEY BEARER. Nobody enters the room before you. That way, you can have your “immaculate room” photo without severing lifelong relationships in the process.

And yes, this is a blogger sickness – equally as much as taking photos of your food as soon as it lands on your table. YOU, sir/ma’am, are not excused.

Well, that’s it.

This has been Eileen of the Super Tourists presenting you with the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival for the month of October 2013. With the theme, “My Favorite Room,” I have shown you just a few of the group’s most favorite forms of accommodation and we do hope you enjoy each and every single one.

I thank you. BAW.





Yup, that’s me. Again. Deal with it.






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