New Season Begins Now

In about a week I will be returning to the Ilocos region for a comprehensive package tour of the area. Nothing like a good van tour with the fam to get them travel juices going.

The first and last time I was ever in that part of the country was about five years ago. It was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time to “backpack.” It was my first time to travel by myself and spend the entire trip alone. It was a lot of firsts and from start to finish, it was very memorable. At the time, I just bought my first real true blue The North Face bag and I was going to take it for a spin then.

Five years later, I’ve “outgrown” traveling by myself yet I have maintained the same relationship with my good ol’ Overhaul 40. Some things changed. Some didn’t.

I don’t travel as much now. I started a long journey towards some post graduate credentials. I’m about a term and a half in and maybe a couple of years more and licensure exam to go. Where that goes after that, I am still pretty clueless.

My daughter started first grade, which made me feel old, burdened and inadequate.

But the past few days has been more of a deep and somber reflection on my beauty regimen. Deep and profound, isn’t it?

Five years ago, when I decided to pack a carry on and head for the hills, I had a bottle of shampoo-conditioner-body wash-in-one, toothbrush-toothpaste combo and a hair tie. That way, I had more space for gadgets or clothes or souvenirs, you know, the stuff that matters.

I used to be able to leave most of th stuff back at home, because I’ll be back in the routine in a few days anyway. I could skip most of the kikay stuff at home.

But now, I feel like I’m cheating on a boyfriend if I don’t pack my tongue cleaner, shower puff and dedicated facial wash-toner-spot moisturizer. I die if I don’t put sunscreen and body oil on. I cannot function without adequate sleep the night before and I stay away from alcohol.

Gone are the days of chugging beers and pushing back shots. Gone are the days where 4 hours of collective sleep between three nights was an achievement and not a nightmare. Gone are the days when my kikay kit could fit the back pocket of denim pants.

Now, I have two kits. One for in-shower and one post-shower.

Wait, I got lost.

This post was going to be about how I shifted from being a carefree backpacker to a stuffy run of the mill mom.

This post was going to be my attempt at parallelizing my life with that of Sutton Foster’s character in my most favorite show this year, Younger. (Binge watch worthy)

This post was going to be my attempt at showing the world that I am adulting by purposely wearing socks at night to avoid drying my heels, putting oil on my hair, face, body and cuticles.

This post was going to be celebratory because I finally got to renew my domain after it literally expired for, like 3 days.


This post was going to be so many things but for now, I will settle for the fact that I finally remembered my blog username and password.



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