Osaka Japan: Knee-Shaking on Top of the Umeda Sky Building

Lastly, for our Kyoto-Gion-Osaka day, we had our stop at the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka. On our way, we were able to pass by Osaka Castle. It would’ve been nice to have been able to go through its gates and see the whole thing up close but it wasn’t on the itinerary. We needed to be by the top of the Umeda Sky Building by dusk- nothing to do with walkers, vampires or anything – it’s just that the view was supposedly banging.

The Umeda Sky building is not the tallest in Osaka. In fact, it is only the 12th tallest tower in the city although it is one of the most familiar because of its construction.




It is basically two buildings that have a viewing platform at the top. The knee-freezing feature that they have is that the escalator leading to the viewing platform crosses one building to the other. You can clearly see both sides of you and easily take a peek down below. I tried it, and immediately, I gripped unto the hand rail and froze in place. It’s one of those feelings where your legs turn to jell-o but your knees are set in stone. The building stands 173 meters high and has 40-floors to its name.

Once you reach the viewing deck named The Floating Garden Observatory, there are awesome chairs littered all around. You can just pick one, park your butt and just stare out into space. Take the stairs/elevator to the very top and you go out into open air and you can sniff and inhale the 360-degree view of Osaka.





 We came in at the most opportune moment because we were able to experience a very dramatic sunset while looking over all of Osaka.  No wonder our guide was in such a hurry to get us up there. Slowly, as the sun hid under the horizon, you could see the rest of the city awaken in lights and neons beckoning the start of a new kind of life in Osaka. Never mind that the fact that it was getting really really cold up there.

If you want to chow down while you’re in the area, take the direct elevator down to the 3rd floor and head to the basement of the building- the food court is there and you will have more than enough options to choose from.



Love locks – usually only found in Europe but for the low-low-tourist-price in the souvenir shop, you too can immortalize your love at the top of the Umeda Sky Building



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