Samal, Philippines: Island Garden Huts

Why is the Samal Island Huts the best place to stay while based in the Island Garden City of Samal?

Here are your Top 5 Answers to that question.




1) Proximity to downtown area of Samal and from the Ferry Port

Coming off of the barge-ferry over from Sasa Port drops you off at the Babac Port. And ZeFolks were picked up and brought to the resort in practically 5 minutes flat. It is close to the port and close to the downtown area of this part of the island. You are welcome to call this resort, “accessible.”

So even if the resort has everything you need, just in case you needed to jump ship and go back to Davao or get yourself to downtown for something else, then that problem is solved.




2) Privacy and Coziness

You can’t get any cozier than 3 rooms total. Rather than staying at the bigger resorts around the island that cost about twice as much as these rooms, staying here will give you a cozy feeling of being detached from the world and still be only 5 minutes away from the port and a couple of minutes on top of that, from the downtown area itself.

The place gives off a backpacker’s feel with a bit of upscale aura to it because you know that the people staying there are looking to get away from the huge crowds and are there to experience what’s beyond Samal Island’s white sand beaches. Wow, that was a long sentence. And true enough, the other guests occupying the two other rooms were doing just that. One Belgian couple were there to experience some awesome fishing around the island and the other room was too busy to go around the rest of the island as well.


3) Everything You Need is Here

The pool is cute and quaint, reminiscent of the dip pools in Bali villas. And though they do not have a commanding view of the ocean or the mountains, the deck surrounding the cute pool makes for a lush experience in itself.

They also have food services available. I couldn’t well describe it as a restaurant but that’s basically it. They have very few seats but that doesn’t mean they scrimp out on the offerings. They have a large selection at their bar, a wide menu and a breakfast that satisfies even the most discerning – ahem – my Angkel- ahem.┬áZeFolks had 2 dinners there and they love that two giant serving of fish steak, rice and soup only cost them a little over P200.




4) Personalized Service from the Owners

The owners are a young Filipino-Belgian family with one adorbs toddler. They have settled for a quiet and laid back life on the island, managing this little gem of a place. Kim, the mom and wife, was ZeFolks’ personal tour guide around the island – with the use of their own private vehicle. It only cost them a bit for a whole day tour that included the Monfort Bat Cave and Haguimit Falls.

The family lives within the property and you are welcome to come to them for anything that you may need. They are very approachable and makes it a point to make your stay comfortable.


5) Awesome Room

The room, although looks simple and basic features amenities like touch-lamps on the side tables as well as hotel-grade mattresses. Asking for extra pillows and sheets wasn’t a problem at all. The bathroom is immaculate, which is a prerequisite/dealbreaker for my Mom.

The small deck outside the room is also very cute and useful for a smoke belching stepdad.






So next time you see yourself taking the ferry going to Samal Island, make sure that you book yourself, even just 1 night here. It really is a cozy and pleasant experience – and that is coming from ZeFolks who have very high standards when it comes to accommodation. ­čśë



+63 918 9575 346

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