Sanur Bali: For the Grownup Backpackers


Exactly what it says, Sanur Bali is where the grownup backpackers go for summer vacations with their little globetrotters- it’s where the grown up ruggged 10-year old, muddy, torn, ripped and close to retiring backpackers are laid to rest. Speaking of retirement, it’s where seasoned world travelers go to crisp up. Sanur is located on the western side of the island. It’s about a half hour away to get to Kuta, plus another 15 minutes to get to ANYWHERE in Kuta, am I right? *raises hand for high five*

In the 5 days we spent snuggly tucked in this town, we were treated to a neighborhood that I wasn’t quite expecting. I’ve seen the videos and the blog notes on the Bali life and I thought Sanur would be closer to the Kuta lifestyle.

So what is it about Sanur that you should consider when making your next Bali adventure?


Go for the Laid Back Neighborhood

There is no constant thump-thump-thumping in the background. There aren’t crowds upon crowds of people to run into. There isn’t the occasional woot-wooting from the younger set of backpackers.

The crowd is mostly made up of families with small children, older retired couples and groups of friends and some backpackers who prefer the peace and quiet to the party scene. It’s very likely to walk into a restaurant for dinnertime and the crowd’s average age would be around 50 and that most of them know each other.

Strollers are also as common as the private cars offering you private tours of Bali. If you go to TripAdvisor, you’ll see that the top thing to do there is to have a visit at a playplace for children: Peek-A-Boo. It’s a great place to visit if you’ve got little ones and senior citizens in the group, which was exactly the case for our group.

Being in Sanur hit the spot for us – it was quiet and laid back without having to alienate ourselves from the Balinese life and people.





Go for the Chill Beach Vibe

You don’t have throngs and throngs of newbie surfers waiting in line to catch their first wave. There isn’t blatant douchebaggery of semi-experts trying to impress those on the sand. You just have the water and the landscape in front of you.

If you want to know what to expect in the crowd at the beach, you would usually have small groups of people of 2-6, just spread out on the sand – talking. People are aren’t fond of doing anything beyond sitting and chatting although drinking places a very close third. 

If you would like to engage in a water activity though, the only one I saw worth trying was the kiteboarding. And during our 5 day stay there, I only did see a couple of kites in the air at most. Even the activities are relaxed, I sometimes saw elaborately decorated Balinese themed boats gliding along the water – sometimes.

If the next time you visit Kuta and have admitted to graduating from the rambunctious party scene of Kuta, head on over to Sanur. Or maybe you would really like to have the quiet nights and serene dinners. Or you prefer sunrises to sunsets. Sanur would definitely be the place for you.









Go for the Quiet Restaurant Choices

We really didn’t have a lack of good food in Sanur. The lack of franchised international names of restaurants on the main strip can be noticed, making way for the local restaurants to shine. However, a quick cab ride or a long walk out into the highway, and you’ve got yourself some Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Burger King.

We had awesome dinners from each of the restaurants that we visited but our runaway favorite would have to be The Porch.

It’s a lovely little place that has a good selection of baked goods that includes sweet cookies and breads to savory meat pies. We actually ended up eating here twice. According to ZeMom, who did nothing but gain weight by eating Nasi Goreng the entire time, it has the best Nasi Goreng. I have to add too that the burger was as awesome as it looked.




Sanur Bali Indonesia – this is where the party scene backpacker life goes to die and from the ashes rise a stroller-pushing, dimly lit dinner on the garden restaurant type of traveler. It was able to pacify the senior citizen in need of peace and quiet, the toddler in need of shallow waters and a large play place, the Mom in search for all the available souvenirs on the island and the almost-30-year old who just wanted to chill, eat and have a Bintang.



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