Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

day 1


 I joined The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is Day 1.



TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Write a post on why you started your blog, who you wanted to reach, what you wanted it to be all about. Then state why you joined this blog challenge and what you want to get out of it.




From Mommy’s Homework to Possibly Pinay to The Super Tourists


I started blogging at the end of 2010. I wasn’t the one reading a bunch of blogs and decided to make one of my own. I didn’t read any particular blogs. I followed no one. Knew of no one doing travel blogging in particular. In fact, I didn’t start off doing travel blogging at all.

I started a blog because that was the time I was finally getting back into the “work force.” And by work force, I meant online working opportunities. I was a single mom to a one and half year old. My savings were pretty much depleted and I thought, “Lezdodis.”

The blog which started out as ”Mommy’s Homework” on the world initially was about the work opportunities I got online – how I got my work, usually from Cragislist – and how I manage to get around to working online – like how I got paid, what kind of work I would do, what kind of work is available. Those sort of things.

Slowly, I started blogging about my travels. It just became a natural transition, I suppose. It was inevitable that I was going to start narrating about where I went and where I want to go.

By April of 2011, I officially and exclusively started blogging about travel on my self-hosted site, Possibly Pinay. For a couple of years, I blogged half-assly, if there is such a word, without fully relating to the name of the blog- I picked it because I didn’t want to pick something that reflected solely travel – because I thought, well, I may not want to talk about travel in the future.

But in the couple of years that Possibly Pinay was up, it became an inevitable consequence – I was going to focus on travel. It’s in my blood. So in that two years, I didn’t write for profit. I wrote because I wanted to share. I had no intentions of reaching out to fellow travelers, fellow bloggers or fellow moms. I didn’t specify my target audience to a T. In fact, I didn’t specify it at all.

Even to this day, other than for myself and for the sake of making an online photo album, I still don’t have an audience in mind- which is probably why nobody reads me.




For now, here at The Super Tourists – I have SOME sort of identity. I know that this is going to be a travel blog about the travels of my family: my mom and stepdad, me and The Happy Meal and even the travel adventures ZeYaya (The Happy Meal’s nanny).

I know, for now, it’s not about long term travel. Our travels are done sporadically throughout the year.

I also do a lot of reading online that when it’s matched with experiences make for an awesome travel guide.

My Mom has a lot of travel experience concerning traveling with packaged tours, or getting the cheapest rates in unusual packages like the Greenland-Iceland package. My Mom, having been a “professional tourist” herself since 2006, has a lot of travel tips that are actually useful, along with a lot of other tips that are completely superficial (yet fabulous). I want to share that.

My Stepdad has awesome travel stories from his travels in the 70’s onwards. It’s awesome to hear about stories about Korea in the 80’s before the KPOP, before the koreanovelas. He tells us the story of how they were accused of child trafficking their daughter because my Stepdad and his wife were a much older couple and my Stepsister “looked Korean.” That’s a good story to tell that’s worth an internet meme, at least.

My experiences are geared to more budget-conscious yet still very prissy kind of travel. I also do press trips for magazines and publications sometimes. It’s fun to do those sort of things as well. It’s fun to get insider information.

The Happy Meal’s point of view is that of a person awakening in a world of travel. Posh Disneyland trips one time and rugged hostel and couch surfing the next- it’s awesome to see her experiences and how families can do the same as us.

ZeYaya has got some puppy dog eyes of her own. Her first trip to Kora Kinabalu, her first trip to Boracay were just starters and it’s awesome to see her experience these things as she probably never expected in her life to be able to do those things, even getting a passport. It’s intriguing to see how she gets along with speaking and bargaining in the street markets of Kota Kinabalu – she gives a very fresh perspective to travel and I believe that’s worth sharing.




If I don’t bullet this it will probably go on for ages. So in a nutshell, here are my reasons and following that, are my expectations from this blog challenge.



  • To be inspired to post consistently for 30 days
  • To unearth from within me, what the hell kind of business I am supposed to be running (I’ve been stumped by this for a solid almost-2 years. I know I want to be 100% location independent in a way that I have savings and enough to be able to travel full time with a pre-school aged kid.)
  • To be able to get it some sort of groundwork done
  • To connect with like-minded individuals to keep myself motivated, inspired to not give up on my dream of being 100% location independent.



  • A rock-solid business idea to work on. I know what MUST be done after you’ve decided on what to do, but I guess I’m just so overwhelmed with the many options one can take, that I feel like I might miss out on something If I do one and not the other. I also feel like I want to concentrate on passive income streams. I also want to get a business model that’s more or less scalable, that if I choose to make it into a legit real-world type of business that it would translate. At the same time, I always doubt if I will be able to succeed – that I might just spend so much time doing something without having a payout in the end. So much I want to do, but I just can’t make a decision on WHAT I WANT TO DO. That’s the target, figure the WHAT and the rest of the detailed how-to, I am confident, will flow like the Barefoot Contessa’s Blue Cheese Souffle (sorry, the Food Network is playing as I’m writing).


Wow, I thought I would be cool with writing the 250-word minimum on this. Didn’t think I could go for this long on an intro post. Well, that’s DAY 1.





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