Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

Day 2


 I joined The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is Day 2.




If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?




Knowing that this isn’t an ideal world that I have a British-accented governess teaching the Happy Meal proper etiquette along with her consonants and vowels, let’s work with what we have.

If I woke up tomorrow to a new day and was able to do anything, I would wake up doing the same thing I do now- writing feature articles, especially about travel (I do write for a few magazines here and there).

I’ve been avidly writing since the 4th grade. I knew I was going to be a magazine editor by the time I was a sophomore in high school. And most of my professional life was plagued with working for a number of publications as part of the editorial staff.

I’m not the best with grammar and sentence construction but I know that I can work fast and produce A-OK results and I LOOOOOOVE what I do. I take pride in being able to write fast, given the proper amount of caffeine.

Depends on the mood that I’m in, I also envision myself based in an awesome city like London or Dublin, being part of the editorial team for a magazine. There’s a part of me that yearns for that loving routine – sometimes.

I love the magazine life. I really do. I love the planning of content, the delegation of work to contributors and the pagination of a magazine alongside ad placements. Although creating proposals and sending them out isn’t one of my favorite things to do, I accept that it’s part of the job. I semi-enjoy looking for people to contact anyway. I love meeting new people and discovering the why’s and the how’s. I love attending events that are related to the magazine and the industry.

The only thing I’ve discovered is if you’re not owning it, you’re not making it (money). And I love what I do but it doesn’t pay the bills like how it should – well, writing locally, anyway.

I also have a giant in my head banging on the walls of my cranium, telling me that I NEED to have a few books out. Other than fulfilling a want since the 6th grade to be a published author, I would also open myself up to having passive income coming in. And passive income streams, to me, are mandatory. I’d like to be able to fall off the face of the planet, re-emerge 2 weeks later and not be exactly where I was prior. I’d like to be a few bucks richer. That’s a feat but it’s not impossible, I know that.

The reader in me wants to put out some kind of fiction and the teeny tiny entrepreneurial voice in my head wants me to put out some awesome non-fiction that will help people do stuff awesomely. Either one, I want to be an author of a few books in the near future.

On a side note, I wouldn’t be all out against the idea of being able to plan out vacations for people. Not at all, I’ve been doing it for friends who have been visiting the country for a little bit – 2 weeks to a month and I have to say I enjoy putting up an MS Excel file and having stuff in detail. Things like dates, contact numbers, links, contact persons, related blog posts, suggested itinerary, estimated expenses and supplementary activities. I wouldn’t be opposed to that at all.

Yes, that would be the life. And this life would be primarily based on a lovely beach villa somewhere in Palawan. I’m not choosey about much but, if anything, this place has to have KIIIILLLLLLLEEEEEERRR WiFi.


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