Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4



I joined Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is Day 4.




What is your definition of location independence?




In the past couple of days, I described to you what I consider to be the ideal but in truth, there is a much more achievable reality that falls under my personal definition of Location Independence.

With the Happy Meal snuggly going to pre-school now, I have two “most likely” situations that I would be faced with in terms of being Location Independent.

Firstly, this means, still living at home with ZeFolks, taking office in my room and in the guest bedroom across the hall.

A second but not as likely as the first situation is that I would have a separate living space somewhere in the city, not for the sake of being able to be closer to other like-minded individuals or be closer to more networking opportunities but rather to have a space that I can call my own and something that I can run to if I really need to “work.”

For some, living at home doesn’t exactly spell “independence” but this is the Asian part of me going haywire about familial connections – so bear with me for a bit here. I’m an only child, so is the Happy Meal and she has no contact on her sperm donor’s side of the family. That makes for a very small family- just me and her. No cousins, no Aunts and Uncles – just me. And then, there’s Lolo and Lola (ZeFolks). So I treasure whatever family connections I have, even if it means – living at home – for now.




Because what I have right now is still muffled. There are times that I have to tend to clients during regular office hours and sometimes the child care that I have, ZeYaya, isn’t always available since she has other duties to attend to as well. Sometimes, she is left with me when I really have to be working and she ends up having the iPad as the nanny for the rest of the afternoon. I feel sorry in my stomach but sometimes, that is just the only solution. At least I am conscious enough to take note of how much tech-time she has and try to lessen it in the next couple of days.

Going back to location independence, for me, the real culprit of it all is being able to work wherever there is a WiFi connection. No more courtesy call initial meetings in actual offices, just to have it all over Skype or Facetime.

Being location independent in work means, when a new Psych or The Walking Dead episode is on – the world WILL stop to accommodate that.



I’ve been lucky that I have been somewhat location independent myself for the past 4 years now. I’ve worked online and have tried to put up a business. Scratch that – THOUGHT about putting up several businesses. So far though, it has never been enough for me to be fully independent.

Not enough to move out, take the Happy Meal with me (because there is NO moving out without her, duh), afford her child care and afford a place to stay that would be comfortable enough for us.

Currently, where I am, I’m still not in a place where I am comfortable as hell (meaning there is no mommy-remorse bugging me why I didn’t spend the money on the Happy Meal) in paying for my own space, like a fairly sized one bedroom or studio unit, even.

Not that I’m being anti-feminist power and all but being a single mom with limited income doesn’t make it the most comfortable living situation. If ZeYaya isn’t there, I’m a full time mom AND a full time working mom.

So to start with, I will go with the most basic definition of location independence: to be able to work at home 100% and, in theory, be able to afford moving out, under my own definition of moving out.

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