Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 5

day 5


I joined the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day  Blog Challenge.

This is Day 5.




What’s does your perfect day look like?




I’ve seen my ideal day go both ways – where I am right now, living with ZeFolks and living in a different country altogether.

I’ve also seen two kinds of days. First will be the kind of day where work is the priority and then there’s another kind of day where the Happy Meal (and traveling) is the priority.

Whatever the kind of day, it should have an hour’s worth of DDP Yoga/YRG at 6am. There has to be some swimming involved, if possible – most likely in the afternoon – because, if anything, swimming is the one cardio I actually ENJOY doing. There will be a major cut down on processed food and more of the good stuff .

The ideal life would have the Happy Meal going to a nice pre-school, because admittedly, I am not cut out to be a homeschooling mom. My patience will not cut it – at all.

Happy Meal days will fall on weekends so we could go on to a beach and enjoy the sun and the surf. We could head for the hills and spend the days walking endlessly. We could stay in the city and experience the fast-paced life of the 9-5ers.

Work days, ideally, will be spent with a desktop computer or an ergonomically set up laptop because, seriously – laptops were designed to strain my neck and back after 5 minutes of use.

A perfect day though would have to have cheese, garlic, bread and wine involved – preferably, at the end of it – with awesome company. Days where I’m at the beach, with wine and good company are quite easy to come by, however, to be ideal – the perfect day would have the perfect in terms of productivity with work.




What kind of work would I have? Right now, it’s looking like something that is revolving around the concept of writing and online magazines. Right now, let’s go with that.

I see myself managing a magazine from concept to publication. None of that Cosmo stuff that is all about beauty, fashion and sex. No. This is on the assumption that people are gearing towards a more well-rounded life outside of material possessions.

I started out having a very descriptive paragraph dealing with the details of my perfect business but I decided to take it down for duh-reasons.

This business, I imagine, I would ideally spend an average of 3 hours a day on it, if I can. One hour and a half for content, which, when I am fully charged with caffeine is tooootally doable, and another and a half addressing the business side of it.

Admittedly though, I still prefer paper planners and calendars. On top of that, I am very particular about my work space and need a certain number of aspects to be able to be productive so I imagine having a semi-office that would have a notebook planner and a few folders and envelopes and a wall with several post-its on it.

To be perfectly honest, managing a magazine isn’t at all time consuming if you are organized and prompt. So I can see this becoming really doable.




I already do yoga from 6-7am. It’s just the consistency of it. I do not do it on a daily basis as much I would prefer.

Occasionally, I’d like to be able to mix it up with some heavy duty gym time.

When it comes to work, ideally, I would be able to maximize productivity in a small amount of time throughout the day. However, the case with me is the maximized output of work that I produce is always in batches of 3-work hours.

Like, 9am-12. Actually, that is MY MOST productive window of time. The afternoon can be spent doing calls and replying to emails but that 9a-12pm is my golden nugget. It just is.

I am already starting to eat healthier. Smaller portions. More vegetables. More fruit. Less processed food. Less fast food. Less or no sugars. Even more water than I already consume – and I drink a LOT.



Also, in an ideal world – The Walking Dead would not be broken up in seasons but is a weekly thing until the end of time. Yes, The Walking Dead brings meaning to life. 



30 day challenge



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