Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

day 7


I joined the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is Day 7.




Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?



I admit. I do own an iPhone. With that said, I have everything except a washer/dryer and a convection oven in my hands. I love it. The variety of apps and the accessibility of having it in the palm of my hands make it the best gadget ever.

However, no man is an island and an iPhone alone cannot carry the burden of starting and managing a business, especially ones that are just starting out. So with that, I will not show you the tools that I currently use and the tools that I intend on using for the next coming days, weeks and months ahead.


MS Excel

I’m an excel girl. Planning a trip? Make a banging excel file with complete details. Making a special calendar for a crunch time project? Excel that bitch.

Seeing items in their respective cells and seeing the progress made and the progress to be made gives me a good feeling inside while at the same time soothing the OC beast from within.



MS Word

Good ol’ Word. I can’t swap to another. What I do is open it up at times when I’m feeling extra write-y and just click away. 5 Return Hits means a space in the article. Admittedly, I’m the one who will type on 1 document for something, like, 5 articles. Before I know it, my desktop is cluttered with texts and I have to get rid of them soon.

For full on document creation, I’m sticking with Word.



iPhone Calendar

Currently, managing my calendar has fallen in the hands of two things, a paper calendar and the standard iPhone calendar. There’s a problem here that there is no actual syncing happening and some events don’t get put in the other.

And the standard iPhone calendar falls below par just because there is very little diversity and distinction don’t among the posts and activities. Each and every activity is noted by a black dot. So for now, I’ll be searching for an ideal iPhone calendar app that will give me the personalization of a paper calendar but the promptness and organization of the iPhone calendar.

Any leads out there?



Notebook and Pen

Right now, I’m going through 3 notebooks. One for a particular project, one for this whole 30 day challenge and beyond and the last one is a standard 2013 planner.

I will be focusing on the white 2013 Starbucks planner which is my 30-Day Challenge notebook. A simple paper planner that my Mom earned from last Christmas season coffee-fest and ending up giving it to me. I already had a planner so this was just going to have to sit in my cabinet to wait for its time to shine. And halfway into the year, it has and it shall be my bidniz notebook.



iPhone and Laptop for Yoga

The type of yoga I do is very specific and doesn’t conform to any of the traditional yoga styles so it’s very imperative that I carry around my routine wherever I go. I find it awesome that the program gave me mp3 copies of the workouts so I have them in my laptop and will be transferring them to my iPhone.

If anything, that will be the only purpose my iPhone would ever have in relation to keeping track with my progress.




So far, that’s it for now. As much as possible I want the eating right and working out part to be incorporated into my system slowly and surely. I’ve already done the live to diet and live to work out part and it didn’t turn out to be the most ideal thing ever. So now, I’m doing it slowly, surely and just more consciously.




30 day challenge

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