Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 9



I joined the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is Day 9.




Whose online business do you admire most and why?



To answer that, I would either need a numbered form or a bulleted form. There isn’t one person that I admire for being what they are. I admire a lot of people for the different things that they do but for now, I’d like to talk about someone who has just been one of those guys that I really look up to.




For me, I think Matt has the best looking, most engaging and most useful email newsletter out there. Sometimes, I even look for it when it hasn’t invaded my inbox yet. He has made it useful with tips and with travel deals in a way that isn’t trying too hard to make a sale.

I also like the way he writes. It seems to cater to everyone – not just the pop culture referencer or the straight forward travel advisor or the melancholic reader. His style of writing still spells out “Matt” without having to sacrifice any loss of important information transfer.

I also give him a couple of nods on his books. Plural. Books. All of them pretty relevant and pretty useful.

He has got a lot of things going on for him: the books, the blog, the writing for awesome websites, the tour groups, the affiliate sales and most probably a couple of more or so.

Plus now, he’s on the road to having an awesome travel app developed. An app. An awesome one.

I’m one to put a big note on blog aesthetics. And his is one of the aesthetically pleasing of all. Most tend to be cluttered and trying too hard to be doing everything at once while his has an awesome mix of simplicity and design that I really allows people to wallow within the blog’s pages.


I’m taking notes about him and his blog. He has a site that you can literally get practically any and every information in terms of travel and travel hacking. In the sense of his pages, the information available and the layout of his pages and posts, he’s made it so that the information you need is right there for the taking when you need it. No more endlessly searching through pages and pages or aimlessly keyword searching.

One of two things that I believe can help me get, more or less, in the same direction has him would be to really get into the whole book thing. Although I am not learned in the ways of Around the World Travel and long term travel and intensely-budgeted type of travel, I do have my writing skills and could possibly create a book on something else.

I’ve always wanted to be a “published author” – sometimes I mean it in a J.K. Rowling kind of way and sometimes I mean it in a Nomadic Matt kind of way.

The other thing that has been bugging me for months upon months now is to set up my own travel agency – unlike Matt, I don’t have hoards and hoards of readers who want to experience the same things as him but I do have the same passion for travel and helping people fulfill their dreams of traveling the world. And I loooooove to plan out travels. I love creating meticulous MS Excel files that have so much information that it’s crazy to not miss something.


That may not exactly be the kind of business I end up doing, it might just be but what I know now is that Nomadic Matt has got what it takes to inspire me and motivate me and push me to do something so that I can have -not a spanking new NYC apartment but the ability to have one, if I wanted to.



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