Super Styling: ZeMama’s Palawan Threads

Alright, alright, alright – we are going to address something that y’all may have noticed (or have read from me on a constant basis) – my Mom’s outfits during her Palawan trip. This may seem like another “photo album post” but hang on for a second and you might actually be able to pick something up from this one.

Just to get it out of the way, her rash guard and swim shorts were all custom made for her. We favor Kycs Swimwear to be doing our customized stuff just because they are very approachable and they are the most affordable and conveniently-located in Mandaluyong. 

I actually discovered Kycs when I still did some fashion styling jobs. I used to pull out several times from them so we had bikinis and other swimwear for photo shoots in men’s magazines. Yes, my former life included a life of speaking broken Portuguese to Brazilian models and telling them to tilt their head to the side and stick out their butt a tad bit more.



This shirt is actually a souvenir shirt from they went to Goa, India. I have no idea why she chose this particular shirt but hey – that’s how we’re going to start it off.



My Mom, also, on a regular basis favors very bright colors – ain’t got notthing to do with menopause but, like me, we just both prefer happy colors. She also plans her outfits depending on the itinerary for the day.


ZeMOM PHOTO TIP OF THE DAY: If you know you’re going to destinations that have a lot of water such as an island hopping trip, do not wear shades of blue. And if you know you’ll be in the company of trees and natural landscape, steer away from wearing any greens. If you know you’ll be in an out of cityscapes and other urban areas, try to stay away from grays, blacks and whites. Her logic is that – the background is already littered with whatever particular color so, for photographic purposes, you wouldn’t want to blend into the photograph. Pick out a color that will make you pop and stand out in a photo – especially if there is a group photo.




If you think her PFD (personal floatation device) seems “cleaner” that what you would usually use in island hopping tours, then you are right. My Mom, for all intents and purposes (in her mind), decided to bring her own life vest to the party. Why exactly? I can’t answer that except with a “Because she can.”

I just realized that there isn’t a nice photo of her footwear but she also dons a pair of Speedo aqua shoes/socks for walking on the rough rocks on some of the stops of the tours. She upgraded to Speedo after the generic ones from the local department store started to open up on her and go cookie monster.




My Mom decided that she wanted to have her rash guards personalized because she noticed that for plus sizes, there are very limited designs and colors available. I can tooootally relate to that. With that dilemma, she took matters into her own hands. She wielded a trip to Divisoria, raided spandex shops and brought them all to Mandaluyong.

We love working with Kycs. They even give up advice on whether or not a particular design will work for someone or not  – they’re not just there to make whatever you saw on a page appear but to make sure that you actually look good in it.

So next time you would want to give your island hopping or beach bumming a little oomph, you may want to consider having your swimwear custom made. Whether you want matching rash guards for your dragon boat team or color coordinated his-and-hers swimwear, just give them a ring and they will assist you the best way they can. If you don’t have time to scour for your own scraps of spandex, they have a bunch that you can swim through until you find a print or color that you like. Look for Ate Cora.


Spandex Buying Guide: There are several grades for the spandex material – make sure to buy the one that is truly meant for swimwear. That would be the thickest of them all and naturally, the most expensive. You wouldn’t want to try and make a bikini or rash guard from the thin ones, if you know what I mean. Also, choose one that has a bit of a fight when you try to stretch it out. Although spandex’s main attraction is the stretchiness of the fabric, when it comes to swimwear – the more easily it stretches, the faster it will wear out and the faster it will turn into a stretched out leftover of summer memories. 



Other than her standard shirt and pair of shorts, what makes this outfit complete is her footwear. She makes sure to have a pair of solid sandals to wear for going through different types of terrain. Her favorite happens to be the Tikali model from Crocs.

Turn your nose on it but Crocs really does a lot of fairly good designs on footwear. The world does not revolve on the clogs, ya knooooow.

The great thing about Crocs’ Croslite material is it’s easily cleaned and dried whenever you want. It’s got amazing anti-slip properties that can take it from an urban setting to a natural one. It can easily be cleaned and scrubbed with a toothbrush at the end of the day and be squeaky dry in time for the next day of traveling. It’s also very comfortable. And one great thing about it is that they are almost indestructible. I have a pair of Crocs flip flops that has been with me since 2007 and I still wear them every single day. The newer, more “fashionable” styles tend to incorporate other materials so those parts tend to give way eventually. But if you buy a pair that is 100% made of Croslite material, then you can’t go wrong with that.







Kycs Swimwear

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