The Super Tourists’ First TV Interview!!!



So here’s the thing, I got featured in Philippine TV for a nationwide news telecast. I was the cheeky segment that’s done on the very last part of the show. They featured my packing skills and asked me for some tips for other people when packing for their summer vacation.

Even though the website wasn’t actually promoted, mentioned, shown or hinted, I still feel very, very proud of the opportunity given to me. 😀

Here’s the downside though, the tips that were featured were things that I didn’t believe in as a packer myself. Don’t get me wrong, all the tips are still true and have been tested and are the go-to tricks of some travelers out there, but they’re not my cuppa myself. But I was advised to give out these tips as the show was looking to promote tips for the general public. Ok, I said.




Here’s the Youtube video of the segment and the breakdown of the tips featured in the segment and how I personally believe in them.






FEATURED TIP: Roll your clothes
MY ACTUAL TIP: Fold your clothes

Rolling clothes really does work if you want to maximize space. If you want to stuff as much stuff in your bag as possible, you would roll them like you owned a taquito take out store. However, I don’t like the way rolled clothes come out. For me, clothes come out more wrinkled and it’s actually harder for me to organize clothes within the suitcase. On top of that, I like how folded clothes make it easier and faster to pack and unpack once you get to your destination. I don’t particularly prefer the hinugot-sa-pwet look of rolled up clothes in suitcases.


FEATURED TIP: Just use the suitcase
MY ACTUAL TIP: Use packing cubes

I live by packing cubes. I even use them for organizing clothes in my closet. Even when using a backpack, I still compartmentalize clothes using packing cubes. There are two major reasons for this: 1) If your suitcase decides to break on you and split open, your clothes don’t go all over the place and you don’t have to individually track down every piece of underwear on the baggage claim belt. 2) If in case, you have to go through random luggage inspection, it makes for a very organized search and makes putting everything back easier and faster. This whole thing also makes unpacking a breeze. Even if I were feeling extra lazy, I would still just have to get the cubes out of the suitcase and into drawers. Everything would still be organized and properly folded.



FEATURED TIP: It wasn’t really a tip, but the producer insisted that I challenge myself to stuff as much clothes into the bag as possible – to show that rolling clothes really does save you space (and honestly, it really does)
MY ACTUAL TIP: Never overstuff your bag

I wouldn’t do this for a trip where I would be the one handling my own bags so of course I wouldn’t do it if a lot of other people would be handling your bags by throwing, dragging, tossing and dropping. An overstuffed bag is just asking for a travel oops moment. One slight drop could mean a split suitcase or a ripped backpack. Don’t risk it. Either go for a bigger bag or just get another bag, besides, if you pack an already full bag, where the hell will you stuff all your souvenirs? Oh and another thing, an overstuffed bag would automatically mean that you’ve overshot your baggage allowance limit. Most suitcases are designed so that when it’s comfortably full, they are at the ballpark or baggage weight limit (Sorry, it’s not really a fact but something we’ve noticed from owning sets upon sets of suitcases – throwing out a factoid makes it sound more credible, right?).



FEATURED TIP: Roll your belts around the suitcase instead of rolling it on itself
MY ACTUAL TIP: Who packs more than 1 belt???

Seriously, who packs more than 1 belt? Isn’t the one you would presumably already have on enough? But that’s just me and I literally just own 2 belts in the past 7 years.


FEATURED TIP: Plan your outfits
MY ACTUAL TIP: Plan your outfit

Now we’re talking – in the sense that it’s something that I actually believed in. One time, I had to cram 2 -weeks’ worth of clothes plus work stuff in 1 carry on backpack – not to mention my breakfast selection of oatmeal packets and instant coffee sachets. And for a plus size girly girl, that really narrows it down to the bare essentials. I really do take the time to plan my outfits, possible outfit combinations, how many I wears I can get away with an item before actually needing detergent in the mix, and which ones are dry quickly enough so I can wear them again immediately.

One thing I never sacrifice though is underwear. I can get away with wearing the same dress for 4 days but not when it comes to underwear. Eeeeewww!


I’m very thankful for the opportunity that GMA-7 gave me. Hopefully if I am given another chance to be featured for another segment in the future, I would like to be able to share some of the things that I really believe in: nuggets of wisdom that come from years and years of traveling by suitcase or backpack, with or without baggage allowance, traveling to cold or tropical weather, and other circumstances like traveling to Japan for a week and insisting that we all wear a different overcoat for every single day of the trip.

So, yea. That was that. Peanut Butter Nutella White Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Greek Yogurt anyone?




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