The El Nido Palawan Challenge: ZeMama vs. Moi

2 Women. 1 Family. 2 trips. 1 Destination.
Only one can come out the victor. Who will it be? 




By now, y’all know that I went to El Nido during the last week of May. That was a fun little thing that I had.I stayed at Coral Bay Resort, did a couple of island hopping boat tours and but mostly did absolutely nothing but stare out unto the Bacuit Bay with a wine glass in hand paired with really good conversation.

A couple of weeks later, my Mom pushed towards the same destination for about the same amount of time and had a blast with a bunch of people. Before I get deep into what she actually got to do, I thought it would be fun to have a little head to head competition in terms of the photos we brought back from the trip.

TO NOTE: We both wielded the waterproof, almost 3-year old Canon D10 on our trips.



The Starting the Island Hopping Tour with a Photo on the Boat Shot


Points for Mom for being the only one in the shot. But this round has to go to me. Ahem, ahem. Brighter colors and a better background of water and limestone formations behind me. The dreary looking colors on Mom’s is pardoned because her trip was pretty much a rainy mess altogether.

ZeMom: 0
Me: 1





The Right Before You Mess Up Your Herr/ Bow of the Boat Shot

Although obviously I have extra points for having the sun right on my pale (relatively) skin and having a better pose, I would have to award this round to ZeMom. Her photo is not littered with teeny tiny tourists in the background nor does she look like a whale just about to be rehabilitated back to the wild.

ZeMom: 1
Me: 1




Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Shot

I looked at this for a while and decided that it would be a tie. Plus points for me for zewholebody exposure, then again, for some non-chubby chasers, that could be a minus. Minus points for having some douche in the background. Minus more points for having shorts that are shorter than than my high-waist bottom. Generally though, minus 2 points from Mom for having a face that looks like she’s peeing in the water. Let’s call it even, then call it a day. Done

ZeMom: 2
Me: 2




Snake Island Viewing Deck Shot

So you walk all the way up that thing to have your photo taken and what else do you do than to strike a pose? I have this sorry ass one of me baking in the sun with the most ridiculous face ever. Although Mom has earned a buttload for striking a different pose and having the Snake Island sandbar in the backgroun, she gets a minor deduction for having very visible sunscreen smothered all over her face. The Edward Scissorhands and Casper the Friendly Ghost looks are soooo last century. Still though, even with the whiteface, my Mom takes the cake on this one.

ZeMom: 3
Me: 2




Matinloc Shrine Shot

So we have two different poses of 1 tour stop, the abandoned, slightly romantic and very eerie Matinloc Shrine. I have a wonderfully composed shot showing off the dusty man-made remains in the middle of paradise. It lays there, practically forgotten and already starting to become ravaged by nature. My Mom on the other hand takes a very timid pose but juxtaposes it with the very sharp rocks on top of the cliff in front of the shrine. Personally, I think I’m going to have to go with me on this one. There’s just so much more to what I’m giving off, there’s a sense of eeriness of the place, the kind of quiet that only comes from the opening credits of Asian horror flicks.

ZeMom: 3
Me: 3




Glamour Shot AKA the This-Is-What-You’re-Missing-Bitches Shot

This is basically the MONEY SHOT: The Facebook Profile/ Cover Photo, iPad background and cover of an up and coming photo book. And although mine is pretty spot on for a win, if you take just one look at my Mom’s and you know that I have been owned. Definitely, plus points for the fact that they actually had the entire island to themselves and all the other tour boats have already left.



Final Tally:

ZeMom: 4
Me: 3


Like all things in life that trample your pride, humanity and purpose in life — but wait, there’s more…

Here’s a little something-something my Mom had in store that would really take me down from my proud little pedestal of 2nd place and throw me off into the pit with the dogs.


C-c-c-coooooombooooo! I got owned. I got one-upped. I got out-photo-ed! And by my own mother?!? (Last sentence uttered in Merida of Disney-Pixar’s Brave, for some reason). In the days that I spent lazily hanging out, individually enjoying the water, the view and whatever food we had on hand, my Mom took it upon herself to go for the Underground River tour and a little caving expedition. Although this is quite normal for Mom-behavior to go do as many things you can humanly do, I was able to get one over by having gone to Nacpan! *Inserts sarcastic ‘Yeeeeeey’ for the extra point*


So that’s it right there, a head to head competition about me and my Mom during our independent trips to El Nido. Although we both decided to stay at Corong-Corong, as well as take to Daytrippers for our transit, our trips couldn’t have been more different than each other.

Do you travel with your parents? Do you try to out travel each other? I know we do in our family. 






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