The Super Tourists’ First Post

Hi! Here we are!

After a suddenly expiring hosting account (not GoDaddy), an out-of-nowhere depression on the limitations of my previous blog, a domain sale, a garden-fairy/ Tinkerbell themed birthday party on steroids, a travel expo and booking a week-long trip to Japan, here is the new home of my family.

Let me give you a proper MTV-Cribs-type tour. Navigational bar up there will take you to different parts of the blog.

If you want to get to know us a bit more, click on the ALL ABOUT US Page. It’s going to be all about this blog, the why’s and the how plus how each of us will be able to contribute to this site.

If you have any advertising inquiries, partnerships, sponsorships, questions, clarifications, violent reactions, go to our GET IN TOUCH page. It’ll have a spiffy little contact form, our social media accounts (for following, liking and stalking) and even a link to sign up for our weekly email newsletter.

Our SEE OUR TRAILS is going to be a bit on the work-in-progress. If you think you’ve seen my mug around the net, I put in a few links where you might’ve seen me or something. Soon enough, when the transition is complete, you’ll see an influx of features of us as The Super Tourists and that’s something we are all excited about.

Also, if you just happen to stumble upon our blog and want to see what other posts we have on, then go on to our Archive page, also known as the READ OUR POSTS  tab. You’ll be able to see the very first post (this one) and up to the very last one, arranged by month.

If you find yourself wandering into our HELP US OUT Page, that only means that you are just a couple of clicks away from helping out our blog survive the next few years online. We’ve got our referral links from affiliate programs such as AMAZON and then GoDaddy (cause I really do looooove GoDaddy). Also, if you see it in your heart to send us some cold hard love, then use the DONATE button and give us a couple of beers or something. We appreciate anything and everything!

Finally, our friends and blogging idols can all be found in the MEET OUR FRIENDS sections. Some of them are real friends and some of them are people we stalk online and who we think are some people you should be discovering yourself. If you can’t get any inspiration from us, you are sure to get some from them!



That’s it really. Scroll down to the bottom part of our page and check our 4 major sections:

  • GUIDES – Travel guides that are categorized via destination. You can read about how you’ll be able to cut your dining bill in half when in Kota Kinabalu or what what part of Europe I consider to be the most romantic.
  • REVIEWS – Whether it’s our rooms when traveling, or the gadgets we constantly accumulate or maybe the services we acquire from time to time, you’ll get to see our picky side when we get down to the nitty gritty of them products and services.
  • FEATURES – We might actually open up this blog and give our unending narcissism a rest and feature a few bloggers out there for you to read about. All our Travel Babble will also be snuggly placed here, in between posts of Tonie’s future school work and the stuff I do at 8.15pm.
  • NEWS – Finally, if you’ve got to know the latest events, launches and news from the travel industry, local, abroad or online – this might be the section for you. I don’t guarantee to be THE leading RSS feed of travel related news bits, but at least, I’ll have stuff on here that matters to me.


And I guess that’s it. That wraps up post #1. 

What do you think?

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