Travel Gear Review: Inboosta’s Powwa Boostta

Got a gadget and not enough juice? *ahem, iPhone 5!*

Travel Booster’s Inboosta is today’s feature. The first couple of weeks I had my iPhone 5, my first real iPhone since my 3-week relationship with the 3G version, basically had me pining for the charger twice a day. I was downloading apps, setting up home pages and forgetting to shower while at it.

When the novelty of a really small iPad finally calmed me and the Happy Meal down, I realized that although the battery power of the iPhone 5 could be extended through certain tweaks on settings, notifications or location services, it still pretty much lasted 1 day.



And being the tech-savvy traveler that I am, I knew that buying the an extra battery boost would be essential, and something we could use for our iPad was a plus too. Can you imagine being stuck in an airport, between flights, and low on iPhone juice? Just think of the stoic-airportscape-photos I could be posting on Instagram! (follow me on Instagram: PossiblyEileen)


I walked into the Digital Walker and found myself a few options but mainly picked Travel Booster’s Inboosta for getting the highest-average grade of my criteria:

  • Fits into my cosmetic case
  • Reasonable amount of charge in it
  • Able to charge other gadgets too
  • Price
  • Cuteness




The sales guy said this would have 3 full iPhone charges. The reality was that it provided just 2.

It’s cute and has a number of plugs included – but it doesn’t have anything for the lightning port. So you STILL have to shell out for a lightning cord.

It fits snuggly into my cosmetic case and it fits it by being really cute in pink (other colors also available)

The 4 lights on the Inboosta indicates how much charge is in it. It also indicates, while being charged itself, if it’s full already.

Cost is P2,500

I got mine from Digital Walker, Mall of Asia





Eileen Campos loves cheese and The Walking Dead. Currently doing a great job in post grad studies but awful with regards to ruling the universe. She also thinks that she is married to Robert Downey Jr.
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