Why Do I Like To Travel Despite the Rainy Season




If you haven’t read my emotional account of how our Bali trip was postponed due to 6-7 feet high floods, then you’ll know that not only does the rainy season affect the possibility of trips actually happening but that travel in our family will continue despite of it and despite of the obstacles it causes.

The rainy season, for me, is so much more than just a break in summer. Actually, I despise traveling in the dead of summer. What I enjoy about traveling in the rainy season is that flights and accommodation are usually cheaper, crowds and tourist spots are altogether less crowded, and there’s a slower, chiller vibe to the different places when you go on what is supposedly the “off season.”

Plus it’s during the rainy season that you can be able to enjoy a whole new mess of activities such as white water rafting, kiteboarding and windsurfing and a bunch of other activities that either require strong winds or an excess of water in rivers and lakes. I’ve done white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro a few years back and I would love to have the same experience again in a much closer location from where home is.

Which is why I am entering Explore 8’s First Birthday Celebration Contest! They are raffling away slots to those who want to make the most of their rainy season. The prize is a chance to join their awesome Viaje Laguna tour which not only heads you slightly south to Magdalena, Laguna but also gives you an awesome side trip to Liliw, Laguna for some great shoes and other footwear shopping.

As a general rule of off-season traveling, I tend to just head south. South and out of these areas: Southwestern monsoon (Habagat), Luzon island, eastern Visayas.


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Which is why, on this dreadfully rainy month of August and September, I am in Boracay, Palawan (not much away from Habagat, actually) and Bali in Indonesia. Oh yes, we’re going to make that happen. Technically, there was a tropical storm when I left Manila but here in Boracay, the sun is out all the time, without even the threat of a good gust of wind.

I always seem to get stares and reactions when I tell them I’m going to the beach in August and September, when in truth – it’s only rainy in one part of town – the other side is, dare I be cheesy, greener – quite literally.

I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one who loves to get out the dreary weather and into really nice ones.

So where do you go when dark clouds rule the sky?



This post is written as an entry to Explore 8’s First Birthday Contest.

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