ZeMama Palawan Chronicles: Ugong Rock and Underground River

I guess, this is the last Palawan post before we head on back to the Japan series. I’ve been on a writing fit and just getting this done so that’s a good thing.


Moving on…

This post isn’t for anything except to prove to people that if my Mom can do it, then, surely, you can too. So in case you were a little apprehensive about doing something a little out of your comfort zone, then this can definitely inspire you to do exactly that.

Now, though I’ve never been camping or kayaking (for more than 5 minutes at a time), I now am looking forward to doing all of those things in my epic 2-week jaunt in Boracay and Palawan that begins as soon as August starts to close in.

BTW, my Mom has an awful back that she travels with a back pillow so for all you of whining about a bad back or a bad knee – you don’t have to be all G.I. Joe on it – take it slow. Take it easy. Take your time. It’s not a competition with other people, just yourself.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and hope you have as much fun as my Mom when she went to enjoy Ugong Rock and also the Palawan Underground River Tour with her friend, Rose.

Oh, I have to note though, since tickets for the Underground River Tour are always the issue for most tourists. It isn’t unusual for tourists to be all up in arms about not being able to get tickets for the tour. My Mom made certain that she booked her tickets to the river immediately. That meant, she had tickets to the river even before she had plane tickets that would take her to Palawan. “The plane ticket is easy,” she says, “but the Underground river only gives out so many tickets per day that I had to be 100% sure I have them.”











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